, the premier website from the DTTStores proudly announces the launch of its newest website has partnered up with Coyote Point Systems to provide load balancing solutions to suit business requirements. offers wide range of load balancing solutions, right from basic server load balancing to the top-of-the-line hardware-based SSL offloading and HTTP Gzip compression. perfectly fits the load balancing needs of small, medium and large scale businesses. The product suite supports both L4 and L7 load balancing capability. provides end to end solution right from requirement analysis with the help of experienced sales staff, pre-sales and expert after sales support services to help businesses fulfill their load balancing needs optimally. also offers a range of equalizers, including the Coyote Point E250GX which can support up to 16 real servers to suit the load balancing needs of Small Businesses. The E350GX and E450GX models are well suited for medium sized businesses with configuration settings for up to 128 servers per cluster. The E650GX model blends in perfectly for the needs of large enterprises, with up to 512 configurable real servers. is also offering virtual equalizer from Coyote Point Systems called the Equalizer on Demand that allows optimization of application delivery resources in virtual and cloud services environment. The product showcase and support services also include the standalone GSLB virtual appliances including the Envoy SAE On Demand and the Envoy SAE that uses DNS based GSLM module. The GSLB product range fulfils the needs of managing multi- data center traffic with auto fail over feature and administrator defined policies.

DTTStores brings to its customers yet another business solution with

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