The SonicWALL SSL VPN service with the NetExtender feature is a transparent software application for Windows, Mac, and Linux users that enables remote users to securely connect to the remote network. With NetExtender, remote users can securely run any application on the remote network. Users can upload and download files, mount network drives, and access resources as if they were on the local network.

There are (4) Required Steps to Properly Configuring SSL VPN:

1) Configuring User Access - Includes add new users and granting permission to use the SSL VPN portal.
2) Configuring Client Access - Setup NetExtender, DHCP and other critical client settings.
3) Server Configuration - Establish zones and security settings for implementing the SSL VPN service.
4) Building Client Routes- How-to create routes for NetExtender clients.

Once you have successfully completed those four steps you can then begin using the SSL VPN access on your SonicWALL Firewall.