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SonicWALL CDP Backup Overview

SonicWALL CDP Features & Benefits

Any backup is only as reliable as its ability to restore business data and applications when they are needed most. The SonicWALL® Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Series offers the only complete end-to-end backup and recovery solution for SMBs. An ideal replacement for tape-based systems, CDP provides foolproof, intuitive, continual protection. No other solution offers such comprehensive protection while still being so easy-to-manage.

Automatic transparent backup.

CDP delivers automatic, transparent backup that ensures data, applications and systems are reliably protected from common user error, hardware failure, deletion, potential disaster and malicious attack. Integrated scheduling offers administrator controls to perform backups continuously in real time or automatically on a routine basis for both files and database data set. CDP integrated scheduling performs daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly backup at a specific desired time for optimize backup operation andnetwork resource utilization.

Low-touch administration.

CDP automates tedious backup administrative tasks, providing an easy-to-manage, low-touch solution. CDP solutions ensure reliability and speed recovery by automatically generating e-mail alerts on any compromised connectivity and regularly-scheduled reports on backup activity.

Flexible disaster recovery options.

CDP provides flexible disaster recovery options, including SonicWALL Offsite Data Backup, SonicWALL Site-to-Site Data Backup and SonicWALL Local Archiving, as well as SonicWALL Bare Metal Recovery of complete systems—OS, files, applications, databases and settings—in just minutes. Extensible across multiple platforms including Windows and Linux®, CDP solutions can instantly recover data, applications or entire workstation or server systems onto original, new or virtual devices with SonicWALL Universal Restore. CDP solutions secure data using industry-standard encryption anytime it is transmitted off site, offering complete business information availability for servers, desktops and mobile laptops.

User-directed restore.

By enabling end-users to securely restore their own files, CDP increases user satisfaction and productivity while freeing IT resources.

Enforce policy-based backup.

Enforcing policy-based backup ensures control of all business critical data, while avoiding the increased costs of backing up non-business related files such as personal music, videos and pictures. Administrators can easily pre-configure set policies to ensure that specific business-critical files, folders or applications are backed up, and to assign end-users rights to allow them to retrieve their own data.

Models to fit any SMB need.

SonicWALL offers a wide range of CDP appliance models scaled to fit the budget, performance, and capacity needs of any SMB. With capacity up to 9 TB at typical 2:1 compression, GbE connectivity, RAID 5 and replaceable components, CDP solutions are designed to meet today's demanding requirements for performance and reliability.

Instant recovery and file versions.

With CDP, all files are instantly continually available in multiple historic versions, and all servers and server applications—including, Exchange, SQL Server and Active Directory—are protected with multiple-point-in-time recovery in case of disaster. CDP version catalogs minimize downtime by enabling easy, instant, pick-and-click data recovery of files.

Robust management and reporting.

CDP enables administrators to flexibly manage policy and settings, view statistics and analytical reports, enable or disable specific general alerts, and pre-set backup of files, folders or applications. Administrators can administer multiple CDP appliances using SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS), or remotely log in to manage a CDP appliance directly from any location.

VSS snapshot service.

The use of VSS enables CDP to freeze large and frequently changing files to be backed up from the snapshot thus preventing the aborted transfers that occur when a file is written to while it is being backed up. This ensures files are reliably backed up every time.

Bandwidth management.

Granular bandwidth controls enable administrators to set maximum allowable concurrent threads for optimal backup performance, or throttle bandwidth available to CDP to open throughput to other mission-critical applications during peak business hours.

Bare Metal Restore.

BMR protects servers, their operating systems, and applications such as Exchange, Active Directory, and SQL Server, as well as configuration settings and preferences such that a complete server or workstation can be quickly recovered in the case of disaster without having to reinstall each individual application separately.

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