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HOTPin, tokenless two-factor authentication

Highly secure, cost effective strong authentication for remote access

Celestix HOTPin enables organizations to provide market-leading levels of authentication to remote users, while lowering the on-going cost of provisioning, management and ownership.

Celestix HOTPin is a tokenless two-factor authentication solution that enables organizations to empower their mobile workforce while ensuring industry leading protection of digital identities and protecting against unsolicited access to corporate resources, a primary reason for the loss of data.

Celestix HOTPin enables organizations not only to mobilize their workforce but allows them also to leverage the remote workers smart device, PC or tablet to act as a token capable of generating an event based one-time password (OTP).

Celestix HOTPin provides two primary means of generating an OTP.

Soft Token

Soft tokens are a small yet powerful client that is installed on the worker’s mobile smart device or PC. When the user wishes to log in to the corporate network they simply generate an OTP from their device and use this along with a PIN number to authenticate themselves.

 Soft tokens are an ideal solution for any organization that wishes to utilize a token form factor but is concerned with the cost of traditional hardware token based options.


For the ultimate in tokenless authentication, organizations can deploy HOTPin in clientless mode. In this mode, there is no need for client software to run on the endpoint device or smart phone. Instead, the user simply makes a claim for an OTP at the point of network access. This claim prompts an SMS to be sent to the user’s cell phone and this OTP along with the user’s PIN can be used to enter the network.

OTP delivery via SMS is one of the lowest cost options for strong authentication and drives high user adoption rates due to ease of use.

The Tokenless Advantage

Soft token and SMS based authentication enables organizations to leverage their investment in smart device technology and to empower a truly mobile workforce.

In addition to the security benefits, there are many operational advantages too. Users know instantly when they lose their cell phone, and typically they will report it as lost within a short timeframe. This allows for prompt revocation of access but also allows the user to re-provision their HOTPin soft token efficiently and with no cost to the organization.

From an operational perspective, the cost and complexity of deploying strong authentication is greatly simplified by the lack of hardware token, the ease of provisioning, and by Celestix management console which has been designed to simplify all aspects of deployment and ongoing management.

Celestix HOTPin is OATH based and leverages HOTP, an HMAC based algorithm for generating OTPs. HOTP is an open standard that continues to receive extensive scrutiny from security industry experts and leading academics.