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SonicWALL Email Security 4300 - Email Management for SME

SonicWALL Email Security is an excellent value for the money. It offers a fully comprehensive set of easy-to-manage tools to not only keep email threats out, but keep data in - SC Magazine

ES 4300

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  1. Dell SonicWALL ESA 4300 Secure Upgrade Plus (Hardware Only)

    The SonicWALL Secure Upgrade Plus program recognizes the investments that you have previously made and help you to maintain optimal security by letting you easily and affordably upgrade or trade-in your existing SonicWALL appliances with a ESA 4300.To qualify for Secure Upgrade Plus, the participant must be the legal Owner of ES 200, ES 300, ES 400, ES 500, M500, M1000
  2. Dell SonicWALL Email Security 4300 - 1 Appliance

    » Unlimited Domains
    » Hardened SonicWALL Linux OS Appliance
    » 1RU
    » Intel Dual Core 2.0Ghz
    » 4GB RAM
    » 2 X 250GB Hard Drive

    » Unlimited Domains
    » Hardened SonicWALL Linux OS Appliance
    » 1RU
    » Intel Dual Core 2.0Ghz
    » 4GB RAM
    » 2 X 250GB Hard Drive

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Spam, phishing and virus-laden messages continue to plague organizations worldwide. From lost productivity to stolen identities to compromised proprietary information, the cost can be staggering. SonicWALL® Email Security (SES) Appliances, Software, Virtual Appliances and Services deliver a wide range of anti-spam and email security solutions that address the email protection needs of everyone, from one individual to a 100,000-person company. SonicWALL makes email safe, productive and cost-effective.

Features and Benefits

Stops email spam.

Stopping spam, phishing and virus-laden email from reaching your Inbox is what matters most. Vendors may claim 98-100% effectiveness, but to be truly effective, a solution needs fast performance, immediate updates, thorough analysis by applying multiple techniques, and the flexibility to adjust to the unique needs of an organization and its people.

Keeps email spam off of your network.

Stopping spam at the gateway reduces junk traffic and improves performance. Unlike other solutions, SES extends beyond mere Sender IP reputation with SonicWALL's unique GRID Network of over 4 million endpoints, hundreds of millions of reputation scores and billions of reputation votes. This lets SES quickly identify, log and block spam, phishing and virus-laden email before it enters your network.

It's easy to manage.

Simplified management shouldn't mean changing your organization to fit your vendor's solution. Instead, SonicWALL has optimized and simplified management of its solutions so they can fit your organization. For example, SES automatically receives and applies spam updates, generates and emails defined reports, and synchronizes with LDAP. SonicWALL's unique end-user anti-spam tools ease management and improve end-user experience, while retaining IT control.

Includes data leakage protection.

SES identifies and routes email containing sensitive information, offering both inbound compliance and outbound data leakage protection. For example, SES can block receipt of EXE or MP3 files, or re-route outbound email and attachments containing Personal Health Information (PHI) terms to an approval box or trusted partner. SonicWALL's easy-to-manage policies and compliance tools offer a cost-effective way to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI and SOX.

Protects your server's reputation.

Should a zombie system that spews out spam, phishing or virus-laden email appear on your network, you could see your email server blacklisted, your ISP connection shut down and your IT resources scrambling to repair the problem—and your reputation. SES protects your network from inbound viruses, Trojans and worms, as well as outbound zombies. SES can even monitor all outbound traffic to ensure your connection isn't used to spam the world—inadvertently or on purpose.


Introduction to UTM

Learn About SonicWALL Content Filtering Service

Introduction to Clean VPN

How Realtime UTM Threat Management Works

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Centralized Management and Reporting


Introduction to Wireless Networks

SonicWALL Endpoint Security

  ES 300 ES 500 ES 6000 ES 8300


ES 300

ES 500

ES 6000

ES 8300

Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Operating System Hardened SonicWALL Linux OS Appliance Hardened SonicWALL Linux OS Appliance Hardened SonicWALL Linux OS Appliance Hardened SonicWALL Linux OS Appliance
Rackmount Chassis 1U Mini 1U Mini 1U Mini 2U
CPU 2.66Ghz 2.66Ghz 3.2Ghz Quad Core Xeon
Hard Drive 80GB 2 x 80GB 2 x 160GB 4 x 750GB
Redundant Disk Array (RAID) -
Hot Swappable Drives - - -
Redundant Power Supply - - -
Power Consumption (Watts) 189 201 201 280
Dimensions (1U) 16.8 x 14.0 x 1.7 in 42.67 x 35.56 x 4.32 cm
Dimensions (2U) 27.5 x 19.0 x 3.5 in 60.9 x 48.3 x 8.9 cm
Weight 18lbs (8.16Kg) 19lbs (8.62Kg) 19lbs (8.62Kg) 50lbs (22.77Kg)
WEEE Weight 13lbs (5.9Kg) 14lbs (6.35Kg) 14lbs (6.35Kg) 48.9lbs (22.2Kg)


ES 300

ES 500

ES 6000

ES 8300

Complete Inbound & Outbound Email Protection
Advanced Reputation Management
Superior Spam Blocking Techniques
DHA, DoS and NDR Protection
Patented Phishing Detection Technology
Policy Rules for Users, Groups or All Users
Attachment Scanning
SonicWALL GRID Anti-Virus
McAfee or Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Zombie Detection & Time-Zero Virus Protection
Easy Administration
5 Step Quick Configuration in 10 Minutes
Reputation Auto-Updates Every 5 Minutes
Anti-Spam Auto-Updates Every 5 Minutes
GRID A/V Auto-Updates Every 5 Minutes
Customize, Schedule & E-mail 30+ Reports
Automatic Multi-LDAP Sync
Judgement Details
Rapid Message Search Engine
Allow/Deny All End-User Controls
Easy for End-Users
Per User Junk Boxes
Junk Button for Outlook®
Per User Anti-Spam Aggressiveness
Per User Allowed/Blocked Lists
Junk Box Summaries in 15 Languages
Single Sign-on
System Features
Secure & Hardened OS (Appliance)
Compatible with All E-mail Servers
In-Memory MTA for Enhanced Throughput
Unlimited Domains
Inbound & Outbound in the Same System
Scalable Architecture
Clustering & Remote Clustering

Pricing - Buy Now

ES 300
ES 300
ES 500
ES 500
ES 6000
ES 6000
ES 8300
ES 8300

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