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    SonicWall DHCP issues

    I'm having issues getting DHCP to work through a "Guest" wireless on my sonicwall through my sonic point. Internal corp wireless works with no issues DHCP handled through server. Let me explain our environment.

    We have our LAN in X0, DHCP is done through AD and the DHCP server

    Internal Corp WLAN = X2 interface. We use IP helper to send DHCP to the same LAN DHCP server.

    Guest WLAN (not working) = X2 interface with v10 sub interface. DHCP set to release IPs, on this.

    Corp WLAN and Guest WLAN setup with VAP group ... I they both broadcast and like I said, corp works no issues with the DHCP ip helper to the server on our LAN.

    There are 4 SonicPoints powered by Cisco PoE switch that is not configured, just setup to pass all information.

    Thanks for any help!!!

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    I think the problem is with the switch. If it isn't programmed with anything (as it seems to be the case), it will pass all the traffic untagged. This problem arises because you have the SonicPoint set up with your guest SSID on a VLAN (v10). When you connect to that particular SSID, it is tagging it with a VLAN, but your switch isn't maintaining that. The packets need to keep their proper VLAN tagging until they get back to the SonicWALL, else it won't be able to give it the proper addressing from the onboard DHCP.

    I hope this will help you in configuring the device(s) correctly.

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