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Call Center in Need of Firewall for Protection and Web Filtering

sonicwall cssrSolutions Designed by: Todd Carper -, Certified SonicWALL Sales Representative
Contact info: Email: or Phone: 317-225-4460
  • Customer Scenario
  • We have a call center of about 100 users. Each user has a computer and VoIP phone. We would like to lock down our network from malicious attacks as well as filter the content of our users. We only want them to be about to get to a handful of sites and restrict all others. We would also like to be able to track usage in case someone finds a way around the filter. Bandwidth management for the phone traffic would be a plus.

  • Our Solution
  • The NSA 3500 Total Secure Bundle would be a good solution for you. While protecting the network from outside attacks, the firewall will also come with Premium Content Filtering to restrict Internet access. You can block all sites and enable just the few sites your workers will need. It will also come with ViewPoint Reporting software to monitor where they are browsing to. The NSA 3500 also support QoS for bandwidth management. With that you would be able to set bandwidth aside for the phones and not have to worry about dropped calls or poor quality voice.

  • Todd Carper -

  • Email :
  • Phone : 317-225-4460

  • About the Author: Since 2004 Todd Carper has been provide Internet security solution for small to enterprise networks. He is a SonicWALL Certified Sales Professional and System Administrator.

NOTE: We welcome you to contact the author if you have questions about this solution or would like help with your security problem.