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Restaurant chain in need of VPN firewall

sonicwall cssrSolutions Designed by: Phil Petit -, Certified SonicWALL Sales Representative
Contact info: Email: or Phone: 866-403-5305 ext 122
  • Customer Scenario
  • We have a chain of 5 restaurants that all connect back to a main office. The main office has about 20 computers and needs to connect to all of the restaurants. We would also like to use SSL VPN for remote access. We would like to accomplish this with one device.

  • Our Solution
  • I would recommend the TZ 200 TotalSecure. It can support up to 10 site-to-site VPNs and will also support SSL VPN remote access. It can support up to 10 SSL VPN clients as well. This will give you some room to expand if you were to add on some more restaurants in the future.

  • Phil Petit -

  • Email :
  • Phone : 866-403-5305 ext 122

  • About the Author: Since 2006 Phil Petit has been provide Internet security solution for small to enterprise networks. He is a SonicWALL Certified Sales Professional and System Administrator.

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