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Block Yahoo Mail

In this video you will learn how to use the built-in application firewall of your SonicWALL to block users from accessing their Yahoo! Mail account while at work. Email is a major cause of virus and other malware infections, infections that could lead to the compromise of a large portion of your corporate network.

A very likely source of dangerous emails can be a free public web mail service like Yahoo! Web Mail. Most of the time the users open and read emails received within their Yahoo! Mail accounts for non-work related activities.

So it is a good practice to simply cut the original source of possible infections, that is, block users from accessing their Yahoo! Web Mail account. Additional benefits of doing so are saving network bandwidth and improving users’ productivity(by not wasting time with non- work related activities).

Accomplishing this task is an easy process using the built-in application control feature of your SonicWALL firewall as you don’t need to figure what signature the Yahoo! Web Mail uses.

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