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Configuring the DPI-SSL Service

In this video you will learn how to enable and configure the DPI-SSL service on your SonicWALL firewall in order to inspect the internal clients’ outgoing SSL encrypted traffic.

Note: This feature requires the SonicWALL DPI-SSL service running on your SonicWALL firewall.

It is very common today for many web sites to protect HTTP traffic with SSL.

While this is great since the users’ traffic between their clients(e.g. browsers) and web servers is secured, for the enterprises it opens a security hole because:

  • This traffic is encrypted and by default the firewall cannot inspect it.
  • Viruses, worms or malware can utilize SSL to infiltrate the organization.
  • Users will be able to bypass the filtering policies, e.g. to access restricted web sites or use disallowed applications.

While obviously one can just block access to various HTTPS web sites, this is not a feasible option in many cases.
The SonicWALL DPI-SSL service enables organizations to inspect and filter SSL encrypted traffic like HTTPS.

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