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Creating a Unique DHCP Server for VPN Clients

There are several advantages to setting up a unique IP address range for your global VPN client connections. Example, by assigning a unique range to your clients you can:

Create Custom Rules - You can easily create firewall policy rules that help you manage Internet and resource access on your LAN based on the IP address range.
Visualize DHCP User Landscape - With a quick glance of the assigned IP addresses in the DHCP server you can identify your LAN DHCP users as well as your VPN client DHCP users.
Provide Unique DHCP Attributes - You may have unique DHCP attributes that you do or do not want the VPN client user to have.

In this video, Mel will walk you through the process of configuring a unique DHCP server and range on the SonicWALL firewall for the global VPN client connections.

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