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SonicWALL Loopback NAT Policy

In this video you will learn how to create a SonicWALL loopback NAT policy to allow network users to access servers on your LAN using the server's public IP address. This type of NAT is also called (external source IP address) NAT Hairpinning or Hairpin NAT.

Many organizations may enter in quite a common situation when they have an internal server NAT-ed behind the corporate firewall, e.g. a web server that is accessible from the Internet. The problem that appears is that, normally, if internal users try to access this server by its public DNS name they won't be able to do that unless a split-DNS infrastructure is implemented.

Using a loopback NAT policy can resolve this problem without the need for a split-DNS infrastructure and to configure the clients to use the appropriate DNS servers based on their location.

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