A Wireless World – Ping Podcast Episode 14

Episode 14: A Wireless World

The world of wireless is a pretty crowded place these days, with Wi-Fi networks around every corner and wireless devices even more ubiquitous. But all of that connectivity comes with a caveat – security is not its strong suit. Fortunately, there are people out there working to make wireless more secure. On this episode of Ping, we talk to one of those people, Ryan Orsi with WatchGuard. His company is spearheading the movement for a Trusted Wireless Environment. Ryan discusses this effort, along with internet of things (IoT) security, and WatchGuard’s Secure Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi Cloud offerings. He also explains the difference between routers and access points, and how to use a Wi-Fi pineapple to check a wireless network’s security status.

Our Engineer’s Minute also focuses on wireless. Network Engineer Anthony Tamer provides some tips you can implement to improve your own Wi-Fi security. Learn what our network engineers can do for your business.

In our cyber headlines segment, we discuss issues around Huawei’s 5G deployment, avoiding an IRS-related breach this tax season, and the top 25 brands impersonated by email scammers.

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