Assessing Your Security – Ping Podcast Episode 11

Episode 11: Assessing Your Security

How do you know if your network is vulnerable? Well, you could find out the hard way by getting breached. Or you could try out a free program from Fortinet, the Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) that is. On this episode of Ping: A Podcast, Kevin and Andrew talk to Fortinet’s Ben Bolen about CTAP, with a special focus on the new CTAP for SD-WAN. You’ll hear how it works, what you can expect to learn, and why it can be a vital step to optimizing your network security, whether you’re already running an SD-WAN setup or not.

Learn more about the CTAP program and sign up now.

Our Network Engineer Alan Steady shares the secret to making SD-WAN management easy in our Engineer’s Minute. Check out all of the expert security services our certified engineers offer.

In our Headlines, we talk about how SD-WAN may be able to help IoT security, a survey that places cybersecurity atop a list of business concerns, and some TikTok vulnerabilities.

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