Cyber Threats in the Time of Corona – Ping Podcast – Episode 27

Episode 27: Cyber Threats in the Time of Corona

When 2020 began, the cyber threat landscape – and the world – looked much different. But as summer winds down and the coronavirus pandemic wears on, not only has day to day life been affected, but so too has cybersecurity. To go over the emerging corona-related hazards – and others that aren’t going away – Andrew and Kevin welcome back SonicWall’s Brook Chelmo. Brook discusses SonicWall’s 2020 Cyber Threat Report Mid-Year Update, which captures threats like coronavirus-themed phishing & malware strains. Additionally, we talk about ransomware’s increasing targeting of schools, governments, and other soft targets, plus the added security risk of remote work. On top of that, there are  still IoT (Internet of Things) vulnerabilities, and many other returning favorites.

Get the SonicWall 2020 Cyber Threat Report Mid-Year Update.

In cybersecurity headlines, we continue the COVID-19 theme to discuss some top coronavirus online scams. Then we go over a Microsoft survey showing how the pandemic has accelerated network security’s digital transformation. And finally, we embrace the DarkSide for a new ransomware threat.

But wait, there’s more! We debut a new segment (hosted by a new Andrew) called Ransomware Reckoning. Getting the spotlight this time is an attack on Jack, Jack Daniels that is.

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