A Firewall Primer – Ping: A Firewalls.com Podcast – Episode 3

Episode 3: A Firewall Primer, starring Sophos

It’s taken us two full episodes, but we’ve decided it’s time. Episode 3 of Ping: A Firewalls.com Podcast focuses on our namesake, the firewall. Specifically, we turn our attention to Sophos’ XG Firewall with Chris McCormack, Senior Product Marketing Manager with Sophos Network Security. During our discussion, we discuss the XG Firewall mantra: “A firewall that thinks like you, so you don’t need to think like a firewall.” You’ll learn about the various XG Firewall models available, from small business to enterprise appliances to software and virtual options. Chris also highlights some key features of XG Firewall, including its integration with other network devices through the Sophos Security Heartbeat.

Find the Sophos XG Firewall that’s right for your network or learn more with our Sophos Buyers Guide.

Also in this episode, Firewalls.com Network Engineer Alan Steady checks in with our Engineer’s Minute bringing an important reminder regarding how to maximize the security that your XG Firewall offers. Learn more about the network security services our certified engineers offer.

And in our Headlines segment, you’ll hear about how cyber insurance companies are encouraging ransomware payouts (and why they shouldn’t be), how configuring your cloud presence is vital for your security, and how someone may be watching through your webcam.

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