Helping Cyber Insurance Help Cyber Security – Ping Podcast – Episode 49

Episode 49: Helping Cyber Insurance Help Cyber Security

Cyber insurance is meant to protect businesses from cyber attacks. But does it help or hurt cyber security as it stands now? Cyber Research Analyst Jamie MacColl with the UK’s Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) gives us a primer on cyber insurance. He takes us through the state of the industry, its relationship to ransomware in particular, and what can be done to make cyber insurance better.

Read Jamie’s research paper on the subject, titled Cyber Insurance and the Cyber Security Challenge.

In headlines, we hear about a massive ransomware attack affecting hundreds of businesses worldwide. Then, we discuss a series of Android apps that stole Facebook logins from users. And finally, we dive into the hashtag #infosecbikini and why it trended on Twitter last week.

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