Keeping Watch – Ping: A Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4: Keeping Watch Over the Threat Landscape, starring WatchGuard

We’ve talked about some ways to be cyber secure on previous episodes, but we hadn’t yet taken a deep dive into how cybersecurity companies monitor the threat landscape – and why it’s important. On Episode 4 of Ping: A Podcast, we do just that, as Andrew and Kevin welcome Marc Laliberte, a Senior Security Analyst with WatchGuard Technologies. Marc discusses the how, what, and why of threat intelligence, also highlighting some of the top cyber threats out there today. He also tells us about the inherent vulnerabilities in many internet of things (IoT) devices. And we talk about the wide variety of informational content he and the WatchGuard team put out on a regular basis to keep people informed about the threat landscape.

You can find much of that content on, including The 443 Podcast (also available wherever you listen to podcasts), and the real-time Threat Landscape. WatchGuard’s latest Quarterly Security Report is also available now. And you can check out its entertaining and somewhat disturbing 2019 Annual Security Predictions, complete with a post-apocalyptic video and podcast as well.

Find more information about WatchGuard products and services right here on our blog.

Also in this episode, Network Engineer Michael Ryder checks in with our Engineer’s Minute to stress how vital it is to configure your firewall to give your network the best chance against cyber threats. Learn more about the network security services our certified engineers offer.

And in our Headlines segment, you’ll hear about National CyberSecurity Awareness Month, how some hospitals were forced to scale back services after ransomware attacks, and formjacking, a cyber threat that can cost you.

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