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Whether you’re on your commute, traveling to your next client, or just looking for an excuse to put headphones on to tune out the office chatter, the podcast Ping is here to teach you about network security on the go. Our hosts Kevin Baxter and Andrew Harmon are serving up in-depth interviews with product experts, security engineers, and industry thought leaders, all just a few clicks away on this biweekly podcast. Catch up on informative and entertaining headlines from the cybersecurity world and learn all the latest ways to keep your network secure.

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Episode 1: Security in the Cloud, starring SonicWall

In our first ever episode of Ping: A Podcast, we sit down with SonicWall Senior Product Manager Shannon Emmons, to discuss the awesome Cloud App Security from SonicWall. Cloud App Security offers scalable security for multi-cloud environments using API-based security for your Software as a Service (SaaS) apps like Office 365, G-Suite, AWS workloads, Microsoft Azure, and more. SonicWall Cloud App Security’s CASB-like capabilities deliver real-time app discovery, visibility, & control for cloud and hybrid environments, regardless of what other security products or brands you may already have on the network.

In our inaugural episode, Shannon discusses what makes Cloud App Security a uniquely SonicWall offering and outlines the types of subscriptions and support available to make Cloud App Security a convenient fit for SMBs and enterprises alike.

After the interview, we check in with Alan Steady, Director of Professional Services at, for expert tips about migrating to the cloud. You’ll also learn how hackers can turn smart speakers into acoustic weapons, the growing challenges of BYOD, and how Microsoft overlooked a highly-exploitable vulnerability within CTF Monitor for almost two decades!

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