Ponies, Breaches, & Bonus News – Ping Podcast – Episode 21

Episode 21: Ponies, Breaches & Bonus News

We move our regular cybersecurity headlines segment onto center stage for episode 21 of Ping: A Firewalls.com Podcast. Why? Well we’ve got a special bonus episode with an interview focus coming in just one week. No biweekly this time. For now though, we saddle up for headlines – with an extra one for good measure.

Our first story discusses how PonyFinal ransomware patiently waits to strike (there may or may not be some pony-related puns). Then we talk about an Indonesian election breach. And we follow with a story about a business email compromise (BEC) guru getting caught scamming Electrolux & others. Finally, our special bonus for this cybersecurity headlines segment goes over some of the biggest breaches of 2020 so far – 9 in fact.

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