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Secure SD-WAN For All with FortiGate SMB Firewalls

SMBs Can Afford SD-WAN Too: Fortinet’s SD-WAN For All Promo

Each year, the usage of cloud-based applications and tools increases, growing ever more tightly woven into the fabric of everyday business operations. Organizations are growing larger, more mobile, and are dispersed over wider geographical areas than ever before. With more and more bytes of data whipping through the stratosphere to reach far-flung branch offices, the need to find more secure and affordable ways of data travel (like Secure SD-WAN) has become urgent.

Fortinet has heard this growing call to action and baked a solution right into every FortiGate firewall, adding dedicated SoC4 processor chips to models such as the FortiGate 40F and FortiGate 60F to make SD-WAN as secure, simple, and reasonable as possible. Between now and June 27th, you can grab a FortiGate of your own with a massive Instant Rebate included, perfectly sized and priced for any small business.

What is Secure SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking, is a type of remote access architecture that enables organizations to modernize their WAN, replacing costly and unreliable MPLS connections of the past. SD-WAN provides a central control mechanism that can dynamically recognize, classify, and route traffic on the most ideal paths available at the time of the request. That means your business-critical resources like cloud applications are always available at the touch of a button. No more waiting for slow connection times. You can enjoy the same access and connectivity on the road as you’re used to getting at HQ!

With intelligent application awareness, application traffic is recognized and categorized as soon as the first data packet lands. Abandoning the archaic “hub and spoke” architecture of traditional MPLS, Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution can intelligently determine which of three possible connections that traffic should flow through: an MPLS connection, a broadband connection, or an IPSec tunnel. All this translates to a greatly improved user experience and increased application performance.

So What About the Part Where I Save Money?

Fortinet wants to introduce the world to their Secure SD-WAN solution so badly that they’re offering a pretty steep Instant Rebate discount on several small business FortiGate models. You can save as much as $665 on the FortiGate 80E. Plus these discounted products include a 3 year subscription of 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Unified UTM Protection. recommends picking up one of the newly-launched FortiGate 40F firewalls, the first firewall purpose-built to extend Secure SD-WAN to home offices, small offices, and enterprise branch offices. This mighty little giant packs one of those awesome ASIC SoC4 chips we talked about in Chipping In: Spotlighting Fortinet’s SD-Wan ASIC.

Secure SD-WAN with FortiGate 40F

Now is the time for small businesses everywhere to jump on the digital transformation train without paying an arm and a leg for their ticket to ride!

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