A SonicWall 3 and Free Sonnet

SonicWall 3 and Free is back. It’s a perfect chance to upgrade aging small business firewalls to the latest SonicWall models. Thru July 31, upgrade to a SOHO 250, TZ350, or NSa 2650 with 3 years of Advanced Gateway Security Suite, and get the firewall free.

Inspired by this promotion – and by the great Sir Patrick Stewart’s daily Shakespeare sonnet readings, we thought we’d bust out some Iambic Pentameter of our own.

Sonnet 3 (and Free)

As threats abound in the world of cyber

Thine business must be a survivor

As online hazards grow ever stronger

Who’ll stop them from making thy day longer

A wall of fire brings mountains of might

It shall be a cornerstone of your fight

But the years may pass some cornerstones by

With all threats no longer stopped, though they try

Enter a new cornerstone to the fray

A new SOHO, TZ, or NSa

State of the art here to stop novel threats

With AGSS, the widest of nets

Filtering, support, Capture ATP

Upgrade now, and get your firewall for Free!