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Ransomware Attack Clapback: How to Prepare if You’re Targeted

Ransomware Attack 2020: Why Prepare

It seems like every week in 2020, we hear about another major ransomware attack. While volume continues to grow in recent years, more troubling is the fact that ransomware is getting more targeted. Why is this more troubling? Because of its more targeted nature, it’s also getting more effective. Many ransomware cells now study their targets to pinpoint weaknesses, then customize attacks to exploit them. Not only that, they select targets and set ransom amounts based on knowledge of what those victims can pay.

And one more troubling fact to keep you up at night: soft targets are particularly vulnerable. That is, bad actors are placing local governments, school systems, nonprofit organizations, and even healthcare providers in the crosshairs. So even if your business avoids attack, a successful breach of one of these targets has major effects on day to day life. Enough preamble though. If you made it this far, you know the situation is serious. Here are three ways to prepare to clapback, so an attack won’t stop you in your tracks.

Train Your Staff

Your employees can be either the point of entry or the first line of defense for a ransomware attack. The choice is yours. Among the most common ways for ransomware to infect your network is once again through phishing emails. If your network users don’t know what to look for, they may unsuspectingly click on an attachment that delivers the malicious payload. Simple training makes all the difference, sharing tips like:

  • Double-check the domain name that sent the email
  • Look for spelling errors as well as numbers replacing letters
  • Review the signature & legitimacy of the request
  • Hover over links – without clicking – to check where they lead
  • Don’t click on attachments unless you’re sure of the source

There are applications available to let you test your employees & reinforce training without the consequence being an actual breach. Check out Sophos Phish Threat and Barracuda PhishLine for a couple worthy examples. Oh and one other key piece of training? Teach your employees to report any suspicious contacts asking for a way into your network.

Layer Your Security

The best approach to network security in 2020 is a layered one. As we just noted, well-trained employees are one layer, but there are many others to consider. If you haven’t heard by now, it all starts with the firewall. Your firewall – operating the latest and greatest security services – should be the cornerstone of a protected network setup. A current generation firewall plus those security services protects against just about any threat that comes your way. Companies now commonly incorporate threat intelligence – both human and the artificial variety – plus machine learning into their security offerings. That means they’re on the cutting edge to recognize and stop ever evolving ransomware and malware varieties.

But with the workforce extended beyond the perimeter now more than ever, your security must do the same. That means endpoint protection and secure access to your network for remote employees are also musts. Endpoint protection not only gives you visibility into these remote devices, it also extends many of the same security services to them individually. Ensuring secure access via VPN then brings your teleworkers back under the security of your firewall and network setup. And the layering shouldn’t stop there. Ensure you have email security in place to filter out suspicious messages before they even reach the eyes of an employee. And segment your network so a breach of one device doesn’t extend throughout. This may sound like a lot, but bundling services is surprisingly reasonable, and security costs much less than a successful ransomware attack ever will.

Backup So You Can Rollback

This could easily fall under the layers above, but when it comes to a ransomware attack, backup deserves a spotlight all its own. If you are successfully breached and your files encrypted, the smart money isn’t on paying the ransom, it’s on rolling back. Regular backups of your data allow you to get right back to work with minimal interruption, even if a ransomware attack occurs. A Sophos survey of 5,000 IT managers found more than half of firms whose data was encrypted by ransomware restored it through backups. Why is that? There are no guarantees when you pay the ransom. Plus, you don’t really want to support a criminal enterprise. And on a more practical note, Sophos also found that paying the ransom resulted in twice the remediation costs of restoring data from backups. Even if the ransomware cell you’re working with gives you the encryption key when you pay up, you still have to dedicate time and effort to restoration. So why not just have the restoration already available in house. Learn about Barracuda Backup and Sophos Intercept X with CryptoGuard for a couple of options to ensure you’re not caught flat-footed when a ransomware attack comes.

Barracuda Backup Review: Info, Specs, & Pricing

What is Barracuda Backup?

Barracuda Backup protects you against data loss no matter what. Available as both hardware appliances and cloud-based virtual machines, Barracuda Backups deliver constant data protection while replicating it in off-site archives.

That means ransomware has met its match. Files get encrypted? You’ve got backups! Disaster wipe out your whole office? You have copies in the cloud. In sum, Barracuda provides rapid recovery from data loss incidents, letting your business get back up and running fast.

You have a number of options available to help you quickly recover:

  • LiveBoot
  • Cloud LiveBoot
  • Physical-to-Virtal (P2V)
  • LiveBrowse

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What does a Barracuda Backup Do?

Barracuda Backup appliances run constantly in the background of your network, taking full backups of data and company resources hosted there. Inline replication sends backups of your data to an off-site storage server where the data is housed until needed.

If you experience an event that results in data loss, you’ll have multiple options to quickly and easily get that data back. You can vault historical data revisions to the cloud for up to 7 years! Need longer-term than that? Barracuda Backup also supports archiving in AWS Simple Storage Services and Glacier.

As mentioned, deployment is flexible with physical and virtual appliance options. Compatible host-level virtual environments include:

  • VMWare vSphere
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

Barracuda Backup Options

Does the backup take a lot of time/money?

Thanks to inline deduplication, which comes standard on all Barracuda Backup products, organizations can greatly reduce bandwidth requirements and write time. Deduplication makes data transfers faster by reducing the total number of bytes that must be sent.

Barracuda deduplicates data as it is received so duplicate copies of repeated data are eliminated. This results in an overall small storage footprint. And a small storage footprint translates directly into less cost for you.

How much does Barracuda Backup cost?

Barracuda Backup pricing is very forgiving for small businesses. The Barracuda Backup Server 390 costs just a smidge over $3000 and has available usable storage of up to 4 Terabytes. That works out to roughly 75 cents per Megabyte of data. Plus, this cost-per-megabyte ratio gets even cheaper on larger units. That’s data protected, data archived, and data safe from the threat of ransomware.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why do I need a data Barracuda Backup solution?

There are several threats out there that can lead to massive data loss. Ransomware has exploded in popularity, hurricane season is here (or always lurking), and sometimes malicious or neglectful employees just delete stuff. Having multiple, redundant copies of your business’s most important resources is crucial. Like car insurance, you won’t really appreciate or notice it until you need it!

  • Why not just use an external hard drive?

Data loss can happen at any time: even 10 minutes before your next scheduled manual backup to an HDD. Plus, that hard drive represents just one more copy of your important data. Barracuda Backups are automated, scheduled around the clock, and keep multiple historical revisions that you can fall back on at any time. An integrated offsite backup solution leaves no cracks for your data to fall through.

  • Why Barracuda Backups over similar solutions?

Barracuda Backups create both a local copy of protected data as well as multiple offsite copies that are all monitored and managed by Barracuda Central as part of a monthly backup subscription. This makes managing your backups easy.

  • Will Barracuda Backup help me meet compliance regulations?

Yes. Barracuda Backup is ideal for meeting compliance requirements like HIPAA.

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  • Where is my data stored?

Barracuda combines on-site appliance storage of your backups with off-site backups at a secure, remote location. On-site storage means you can restore your data super-fast for small local incidents while off-site storage is ideal in cases where your network is heavily compromised or struck by disaster.

  • How much data can be stored on the appliance?

On-board storage for these appliances starts on the low end with a usable storage capacity of 1 Terabyte for the Barracuda Backup Appliance 190. The largest appliance caps out at 112 Terabytes on the Barracuda Backup 1090. No matter how much data you’ve got to store, Barracuda leaves plenty of room.