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The C Word…Configuration – Ping Podcast – Episode 28

Episode 28: The C Word…Configuration

What is the key to unlocking your firewall’s best security and performance? It starts with a C. On this episode of Ping: A Firewalls.com Podcast, Kevin & Andrew talk about configurations with Firewalls.com’s own Anthony Mercho. Anthony discusses why it’s best to skip the configuration wizard and why configurations are never one-size-fits-all. Plus, we delve into why you need regular updates and some of the biggest culprits for problems. Oh, and learn who should do your configuration if you want it done right (hint: it’s probably not yourself).

Learn where to get a professional configuration.

In cybersecurity headlines, we talk about a survey showing small business employees don’t trust their bosses on cybersecurity. Then we hear about a former member of Uber’s leadership team facing charges for covering up a hack. And we double down with a story about CEOs of the future may face issues themselves when breaches occur.

Finally, it’s Ransomware Reckoning #2. This time, our other Andrew tells us about an attempted attack on Tesla.

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6 things you could be doing instead of configuring a firewall

Packet filtering, stateful inspections, proxy service–the world of network security is bristling with intimidating terminology and stat/spec jargon. Wading into the deep end of online security protocol means more than just an afternoon’s worth of study. And that’s just for picking which appliance to buy. When it comes to setting up your new firewall appliance, why not claw back some of your schedule with our configuration service?

While the stalwart do-it-yourself master watching the Firewalls.com how-to videos may be looking to throw away their weekend configuring a new firewall, a busy business professional has enough on their plate already and should be looking to delegate firewall configuration to someone who already knows their way around a security setup. And who better to delegate to than Firewalls.com’s certified engineers who specialize in providing your company with expert configuration services.

Don’t spend several hours configuring your new firewall. Hand off the legwork to an expert. And instead of banging your head against the racks, maybe you can use your unexpected free time on one of these 6 activities:

Firewalls Client Phone

Spend some 1-on-1 time with your clients

We all love to hear from our customers, but some days your schedule is just too chaotic to thumb through the Rolodex. But now that you’ve pawned off a few hours worth of configuration work onto a professional services team, you have plenty of time to pick up your handset and reach out to those precious accounts. And since you’re already on the phone, you can give our engineers a ring if you run into any issues with your security appliance. Configuration services are accompanied by unlimited, on-going phone support.

Firewalls War Battle

Have an office-wide Nerf war

Account manager getting on your case about lead flow? Maybe they’ll think twice about complaining after you unload a clip of foam fury on them. While our Firewalls.com certified engineers are securing your network, your team can be setting a perimeter around the office armed with the latest dart-throwers and N-Strike blasters.

Firewalls Google Alerts Notification

Set up Google Alerts for your brand

If your ears are burning, it means someone is talking about you. And if someone is talking about your company, you want to know about it. Google Alerts provides a service to set up automatic email alerts whenever your chosen keywords are published on the web. Stay on the bleeding edge of industry news by filling your inbox with up-to-the-minute articles. You stay a step ahead of the competition, we’ll watch your back.

Firewalls Hoverboard Skate

Hoverboard around the office park

Studies are increasingly claiming that sitting is the new smoking, so why not get up and stretch your legs? Better yet, put those legs atop a hoverboard and roll around the office park, provoking the ire and jealousy of those poor office drones watching from the windows. They too could be outside if they weren’t so busy configuring firewalls. If only they had thought ahead like you.

Firewalls Thought Leaders

Catch up on industry thought leaders

Thought leaders. The buzzword is all the rage in the world of LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to catch up on a few months’ worth of blogs, industry articles, or the latest Tweets, you now have a treasure chest of time to uncover the leaders in your industry. Steal their knowledge, ride the coattails of their experience, and stay hip on emerging lingo. You have time enough to both lead and read, thanks to a configuration service.

Firewalls Reddit

Waste time on Reddit

What’s the harm in letting your brain cool down from time to time? Admit it, we all indulge in a bit of Internet tomfoolery. Whether you’re catching up on the news, getting heated over politics, or just cruising for memes, you certainly won’t feel bad about wasting time thanks to the hours you saved with professional services.

ProTip: You can’t waste time you didn’t plan on having in the first place!

Whether you devote your newfound free time to business or pleasure, you certainly shouldn’t be wasting a day configuring your firewall. Take advantage of Firewalls.com’s Configuration Service for your SonicWall, Sophos, or WatchGuard appliances. Firewalls.com customers can opt for either Standard or Advanced Configuration service, based on the specific needs of your company. We offer a wide variety of service options beyond simple configurations.

Features at a Glance:

  • Proprietary 50-Step Configuration checklist
  • Setup and testing of VPN tunnels
  • Configuration of wireless access points
  • Granular content filtering & bandwidth prioritization