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FortiGate 40F – Secure SD-WAN for the Small Business

FortiGate 40F – Secure SD-WAN for the Small Business

Compact. Fanless. Affordable. Secure. The new FortiGate 40F from Fortinet hits all the marks when it comes to arming small businesses and branch offices with the fast, secure access necessary in 2020. Fortinet is an industry standout in the SD-WAN arena thanks to their innovative SoC4 SD-WAN ASIC processor. You may recognize this mighty, mini-sized processor from Fortinet’s other recent additions: the FortiGate 100F & FortiGate 60F. Fortinet’s best-of-breed SD-WAN allows for intelligent application steering, scalable VPN capabilities, and other advanced networking capabilities.

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The best part? While boasting all of the SD-WAN capabilities of its larger cousins, the tiny FortiGate 40F also reaches maximum throughput speeds up to 5.0 Gbps. For an appliance built with small offices in mind, those speeds are insane!

Learn more in our 40F feature review video:

FortiGate 40F Spec Snapshot

FortiGate 40F with Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet FortiGate 40F

Max Firewall Throughput: 5.0 Gbps

Threat Protection Throughput: 600 Mbps

Network Interface Ports: Multiple GE RJ45

Maximum Connections (TCP): 700,000

New Connections/Second (TCP): 35,000

Maximum Supported Wireless Access Points: 10/5 (Total/Tunnel Mode)

Hardware-Only MSRP: $495


“Do-It-Yourself” SD-WAN Deployments

Fortinet makes life for small business owners easy. All FortiGate Secure SD-WAN appliances are easily managed through Fortinet’s Security Fabric in the Fabric Management Center. Paired with zero touch deployment, the FG-40F is user friendly even for businesses with limited IT staff, letting you skip a burdensome manual configuration.

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