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Chip Shortages & Firewalls: What You Need To Know

Why Is There A Shortage Of Firewall Inventory & Other Network Security Products

Since 2020, we’ve seen the global supply chain get disrupted, which in turn created shortages of products in most sectors. Although network security products have been readily available, we are now seeing shortages in firewall inventory and other network security products as well. The primary reason for the shortage in firewall inventory is because of their internal electrical components. Firewalls – like other electronic devices – require electronic chips to function. Currently there is a backlog of orders and supply is tight for electronic chips. In turn, that limits the manufacturing of all electrical products including firewalls.

The Electronic Chip Shortage Explained

Electronic chip production has long played a major role in day-to-day life, as these chips make so many everyday items tick. These chips are used in phones, alarm clocks, cars, computers, and TVs to name just a few essentials. Fast forward to 2020, and manufacturing delays show how these electronic chips may have been taken for granted. By now, it is clear how important these products are to daily life and how hard things can sometimes be without them.

Electronic chip factories, mostly located in Taiwan, were not immune to the global effects of the pandemic, which led to downtime in production. Since most manufacturing – like the rest of the world – came to a halt for awhile, these factories also had their supply of raw goods limited as well. One could simply say that the shortage of electronic chips is due to the downtime of factories and their inability to receive raw materials needed for production.

When Will Electronic Chip Production Improve

With electronic chip demand being as high as it is and continuous delays in production, the world is in the midst of a widespread supply shortage. In turn, products – like firewalls – that require these chips have slowed down in production because they simply won’t work without them. Until backorders catch up and a steady supply of electronic chips returns, manufacturers will likely continue to experience inventory issues with firewalls and other network security products.

The condition will simply improve with time and continuous production. At the moment, there is still a massive backlog of orders with the ever increasing weight of growing demand for electronic goods. If factories stay open and chip prioritization continues, this issue should solve itself moving forward. As far a timeline for when this will end, the future is murky. But conditions do look better ahead than in the rear view mirror.

Who Has Firewalls In-Stock & How To Check Their Inventory

It’s important for buyers to know that not everyone who sells firewalls or network security products has the same access to inventory or variety of products. Here at Firewalls.com, we are top tier partners with all of the manufacturers we sell, which gives us better access than most. With that being said, there are still products that may simply be unavailable. We suggest reaching out to our team of certified experts and telling them about your needs.  Rest assured, we’ll work with you to find the right solution. Give us a call at 317-225-4117 or browse our inventory at Firewalls.com.