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R-a-a-S vs F-a-a-S: Matching up certified network engineers against cyber thugs-for-hire

Imagine you lived in a world where third-party vendors provided criminals with all of the tools and resources needed to successfully rob a bank, all wrapped up in one comprehensive, larcenous service package. Unfortunately, this hypothetical is not too far off from the realities of 2017. Thanks to a rise in what security experts are calling “Ransomeware-as-a-Service,” the bad guys no longer require the skill set necessary to exploit security weaknesses. Lurking in the mire of the dark web, criminals can find R-a-a-S sites ready to sell anything from exploit kits to fully fleshed-out ransomware attacks. Yes, malicious ransomware threats similar to WannaCry and Petya are now for sale and tied up with a nefarious little bow.

Here’s another way to put it: the bad guys are hiring mercenary armies to lay siege on your networks. And this system of force amplification—providing criminals with attack vectors and resources that their budget or repertoire would otherwise disallow—means that the explosive trend of increasing ransomware attacks will only continue. In fact, Sonicwall’s Annual Threat Report indicates that ransomware attacks increased from 3.8 million in 2015 to 638 million in 2016. That is not a 100% increase. That is not a 200% increase. That is a 16000% increase. In one year.

Don’t fear, for you can fight back. Just as the bad guys are hiring out network raiders, you too can reinforce your defenses with outside help. Firewall-as-a-Service or F-a-a-S, is the equal and opposite force created to neutralize any advantages that the bad guys think they have. When you utilize a F-a-a-S, it means that seasoned experts are standing guard at your gateways. F-a-a-S is a service wherein a dedicated team of engineers are employed to monitor your network, prevent and mitigate attacks, and keep your system up to date against emerging threats. Or, to keep with the conceit, F-a-a-S is the private army deployed to defend your data castle.

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Top 3 Benefits of F-a-a-S:

  • F-a-a-S is a true plug-&-play solution. Everything you need from appliances to configuration to support and training is delivered to you
  • F-a-a-S optimizes productivity with content filtering, bandwidth prioritizing, and upgrade options
  • F-a-a-S is affordable and convenient with a month-to-month subscription that avoids long-term commitments

Perhaps the best part of F-a-a-S is that you already have everything you need to get started. No firewall? No problem. A professional F-a-a-S team will provide you with the hardware you need to get secure and the training to stay secure.