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What’s All That Ruckus? Firewalls.com Teams Up with Ruckus Wireless!

What’s All That Ruckus?!

Firewalls.com is announcing, loud and proud, the introduction of Ruckus Wireless products to our website, and to celebrate the big ruckus, we want to give you 30% OFF on ALL Ruckus Unleashed wireless access points. There’s never been a better time to build or expand a wireless network for your small business!

Who Is Ruckus Wireless?

Ruckus Wireless is an industry powerhouse offering indoor and outdoor wireless access points, network switches, and controllers to extend high-quality Wi-Fi at a budget-friendly price. When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to Ruckus and it’s no mystery why. Ruckus Access Points are up to any challenge, from high client density, signal-sapping building materials, complex outdoor deployments, and more. Filled to the brim with innovative patented technology like BeamFlex Adaptive Antennas, Ruckus is always thinking outside of the box when it comes to solving the wireless world’s toughest problems.

Check out our Ruckus Wireless Access Points and enterprise-class ICX Network Switches!

Ruckus Wireless provides fast, secure, affordable wireless internet and Firewalls.com is offering 30% off sale price of any Ruckus Unleashed wireless access point

What is Ruckus Unleashed?

Ruckus Unleashed is a series of controller-less access points with super simplified management, making them the perfect fit for small businesses looking to deploy or expand a wireless network! Check out our more in-depth look at Ruckus Unleashed appliances to learn more.

Still Need Help Deciding?

Okay! To sweeten the deal, we’ll also map out your office’s wireless landscape to provide you with a reliable, predictive map of Wi-Fi signal coverage and performance using the ZonePlanner mapping tool–for FREE. The ZonePlanner mapping tool helps you predict dead zones, optimize placements, and more in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of your wireless investment! ZoneFlex accounts for antenna patterns, building materials, obstructions, WAP configurations, and building layout to show you exactly how a Wi-Fi signal will behave in your office.

Learn How To Get A FREE ZonePlanner Wireless Mapping Report

This report is 100% unique to your needs, your location, and your products. That means you’re ONLY going to purchase the wireless devices you need—no more, no less. And remember, we’re going to give you 30% OFF any Ruckus Unleashed access points you choose!

This Ruckus Wireless sale is valid only when you speak with one of our Account Managers, so grab your phone and dial 317-225-4117 to get 30% off Ruckus Unleashed products, a FREE customized ZonePlanner report, & expert guidance from our firewall geniuses. Mention the promo code RUCKUS30OFF when you call!

Call 317-225-4117 & mention promo code RUCKUS30OFF!