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Synchronized App Control: Minimize TCO & Firewall Management Hours

Superior Application Visibility & Control

Modern businesses tend to deploy several cloud-based applications to meet the unique demands of their business. Apps such as DropBox and Skype–both common mainstays on SMB and enterprise networks alike–can make or break day-to-day business communication. However, every application comes with its own set of vulnerabilities, patches, and management dashboards that can make juggling multiple apps a headache for admins. Plus, these apps eat up huge amounts of bandwidth if left unchecked!

Sophos Synchronized Application Control, compatible with all Sophos XG Firewalls, attacks both issues. Plus, it provides a lower Total Cost of Ownership that makes your network security investment a win. Monitor all traffic, both inbound and outbound, across your network without the need to employ multiple network security specialists.

Sophos Synchronized App Control

Synchronized Security enables you to deliver greater benefit for your security investment. Automated incident response frees up IT teams, while centralized management slashes day-to-day overheads. Driving down the total cost of owning and managing your firewall frees up resources, both human and monetary.

Synchronize your Security & Save Money

Synchronized App Control, as part of Sophos XG Firewall, uses Synchronized Security to share information across the network, gathering data points from all endpoints to provide a top-down view of your network topography. Configuring Synchronized App Control is quick and easy.

This lets you identify wasteful software, bandwidth-hungry apps, and potential security vulnerabilities. Sophos Intercept X endpoint protection paired with Synchronized App Control means that your network is constantly sharing information in real time, enabling your firewall to identify all applications on your network—even the ones trying really, really hard to stay hidden!

Synchronized Security from Sophos allows greater appplication visibility, automated incident response, and security heartbeat

Application Categories & Labels

Synchronized App Control grants you the ability to block individual applications as well as entire categories of apps. That means if your business struggles to keep employees off unwanted instant messaging apps or unsecured file transfer apps, you can nix them all with a few clicks. Applications can be automatically marked with the following labels to simplify management:

  • New: Newly-detected apps unknown to your XG Firewall
  • Mapped: Detected apps automatically mapped to an app category
  • Customized: Applications that you mapped manually

Managing application labels and categories is made simpler with a handful of intuitive commands. XG Firewall includes a default set of categories for most common applications, but you can go more advanced with individual app controls. Synchronized App Control allows you to:

  • Acknowledge new applications & indicate that you don’t want to change their attributes
  • Customize an app to edit its name & category
  • Hide or Show applications you already know or don’t want to see
  • Delete apps & remove them from application filters. If XG Firewall detects a deleted app on an endpoint, the application will reappear on the application list

All of this is accomplished through one cloud-based management dashboard: a single pane of glass that acts as command and control for your entire security infrastructure. Whether you’re managing your bandwidth to ensure you squeeze every last MB out of your ISP or are hunting down network bottlenecks, a single unified console cuts your time spent in half.

Cybersecurity Evolved

Through Sept. 30th, Sophos is offering its Evolved Firewall Promo, making it more cost-effective than ever for small businesses to bolt on advanced security services like Synchronized App Control with XG Firewall. By purchasing a 3-year security service bundle, you get the firewall hardware free. It’s that simple. Enjoy the added benefits of Sophos XG Firewall & save money. Plus, we’ll throw in free, same-day ground shipping on your order.

Free XG Firewall with the Sophos Evolved Promo

Maybe you’ve heard about the exciting new release of Sophos XG Firewall v18 or maybe you’re looking to add powerful Synchronized Security with Sophos Central Intercept X and EDR to your network setup. Whatever the reason you’re shopping for a Sophos XG firewall, there has never been a better time to make your investment. That’s because Sophos is giving away a free XG Firewall with every purchase of a qualifying 3-Year FullGuard Plus or EnterpriseGuard Plus bundle until the end of March 2020. *This promo has been extended until September 30, 2020!

This deal is called the Sophos Evolved Firewall Promotion because 2020 is the perfect time for your network security to evolve to the next generation!

What is FullGuard, FullGuard Plus, & EnterpriseGuard Plus?

FullGuard Bundle

The Sophos FullGuard Bundle includes Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, WebServer Protection, & Enhanced Support. This option is a perfect fit for medium-sized organizations and businesses that maintain their own web- or cloud-based servers. Just remember to take advantage of this promotion, you’ll have to take the next step up.

FullGuard Plus Bundle

With everything included in the FullGuard Bundle, the FullGuard Plus Bundle takes your security to new heights with the inclusion of Sandstorm, a cloud-based sandbox environment. Quarantine suspicious traffic and detonate malicious payloads in a safe environment segregated from your network!

EnterpriseGuard Plus

The Sophos EnterpriseGuard Plus bundle includes Network Protection, Web Protection, & Enhanced Support. This package also includes the same powerful sandboxing capabilities with the addition of Sandstorm. EnterpriseGuard Plus is a great fit for smaller enterprises that can do without the extra Email and WebServer assets included with FullGuard.

sophos xg firewall free

Get a Free Sophos XG Firewall

Ready to get your XG Firewall with 3 Years of super advanced Sophos security services? Live Chat with a Sophos expert at Firewalls.com or call us at 866-957-2975.


What Are Sophos TotalProtect & TotalProtect Plus for XG Firewall?

If you’re looking into deploying a Sophos XG Firewall on your business network, it can be a challenge to discern the precise differences between various bundles, services, and licenses. What exactly is included in a Sophos TotalProtect or TotalProtect Plus bundle? How does it differ from FullGuard or EnterpriseProtect? While we took an in-depth look at Sophos EnterpriseProtect & EnterpriseProtect Plus suites in past posts, we’re back to peek again into the Sophos arsenal. This post will layout exactly which services are included in TotalProtect & TotalProtect Plus bundles for XG Firewall, showcasing the most comprehensive security solutions Sophos offers as part of its Synchronized Security suite.

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XG Firewall Base Appliance

We talked extensively about the capabilities of Sophos XG Firewalls in our most recent podcast with Chris McCormack, (Sophos Senior Product Marketing Manager). XG Firewalls range in size from 1-10 user setups to 1000+ user environments, bringing advanced scanning and security capabilities to SMBs and enterprises alike. TotalProtect and TotalProtect Plus bundles include both a physical XG Firewall appliance–like the recently launched XG 86 & XG 106 firewalls–and the full suite of security services. FullGuard and FullGuard Plus consist of the attached security services, but do not include an appliance.

Network Protection

Sophos Network Protection licenses tie in the Sophos Intrusion Prevention Service, Advanced Threat Protection, and the Sophos Security Heartbeat, providing your network with robust perimeter defenses designed to keep zero-days at bay.

Email Protection

Sophos Email Protection scans inbound and outbound inbox traffic and fully supports SMTP, POP3, & IMAP protocols. Spam greylisting and a robust reputation service keep your inboxes free of unwanted junk while real-time security lookups in the cloud test message contents against the latest email threat intelligence. With plenty of automated file-type detection, phishing detection, and malware detection engines running simultaneously, the threat of Business Email Compromise is minimized. Additionally, pre-packaged Content Control Lists make for convenient one-click compliance for PII, PCI, HIPAA, and many other regulatory requirements.

Web Protection

With a majority of Internet traffic now encrypted, managing inbound and outbound web traffic is crucial to keeping threats off your internal network while protecting and prioritizing your limited bandwidth resources. Sophos Web Protection provides real-time visibility and control, enhanced web filtering, huge databases of pre-built URL blacklist, Smart Filters, and continuous threat intelligence updates from SophosLabs.

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Web Server Protection

Sophos Web Server Protection guards your externally-facing servers and applications, shoring up one of your most publicly-exposed attack surfaces. If you host your own website, Web Server Protection offers a reverse proxy and web application firewall, along with SSL offloading and authentication services, to prevent data loss. This is a super easy way to harden your servers against attack while improving server performance.

Enhanced Support

Sophos Enhanced Support provides a warranty and replacement option for your firewall should it experience a malfunction. Your network is also backed by 24×7 Sophos support via phone, email, or a web portal ticket system. When new firmware updates become available, Enhanced Support ensures your XG Firewall is updated in a timely manner – a security must.

Why Bundle Sophos Services?

Some administrators may think that it saves time, money, or labor hours if they purchase individual security licenses “a la carte” as needed, but in most cases this is incorrect. Manufacturers bundle comprehensive service suites not because they hope to sell more services, but because these bundles have been holistically designed to integrate with one another and provide far greater visibility, control, and ease-of-use when working in tandem than when working individually. In the case of Sophos TotalProtect & TotalProtect Plus bundles, the whole is even better than the sum of its parts. When your system is composed of like-minded team players, it enables real-time communication between network layers. This means your security infrastructure is covered from multiple angles and is more responsive in the case of a breach.

You can learn more about XG Firewalls and the intelligent Sophos services that operate on them by checking out our latest episode of Ping: the Firewalls.com Podcast.