From Vulnerability to Execution: A Ransomware Story – Ping Podcast – Episode 56

Episode 56: From Vulnerability to Execution: A Ransomware Story

When it comes to ransomware, the typical coverage of an attack involves who was attacked, and how much the attackers demanded. But rarely is the attackers process shared. In this episode, we welcome Sophos VP of Managed Threat Operations Mat Gangwer tell a particular ransomware story. He takes us through an attack attributed to new ransomware cell Atom Silo. First, we start with the unpatched vulnerability. Then, we hear what the attackers did once they got in. And finally, we discuss the execution of the attack. Oh, and extra finally, we discuss what you can do to avoid a similar fate.

Read the full story, titled Atom Silo ransomware actors use Confluence exploit, DLL side-load for stealthy attack.

In headlines, hear about the Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp outage(s). And then, get the scoop on the Twitch breach. Finally, we learn why burnout is yet another factor working against cybersecurity careers.

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