SonicWall Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite Bundle for SonicWall TZ600 - 1 Year - 01-SSC-0258

  • ICSA-certified gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware protection
  • Cutting-edge IPS technology
  • Application intelligence and control
  • Content filtering
  • 24x7 Technical support and firmware updates
  • Extended hardware warranty
  • Manufacturer Part #: 01-SSC-0258

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SonicWall Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite

With hundreds of thousands of custom malware being minted every day, the threat landscape changes faster than any one individual can keep up with. Selecting the appropriate security technologies to keep your network safe needs to be free of the uncertainty & complexity associated with the malware you are trying to fight. SonicWall Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) makes selecting your security services easy & fast by integrating all the network security service required for protection against known threats into a convenient, affordable package.

ICSA-certified gateway anti-virus & anti-spyware protection combines network-based anti-malware with a cloud database of over 12 million malware signatures for deep security protection against advanced modern threats.

Cutting-edge IPS technology protects against worms, Trojans, software vulnerabilities & other intrusions by scanning all network traffic for malicious or anomalous patterns, thereby increasing network reliability & performance.

Application intelligence & control is a set of granular, applicationspecific policies providing application classification & policy enforcement to help administrators control & manage both business & non-business related applications.

Content filtering addresses safety, security & productivity concerns by providing the controls to enforce Internet use policies & block access to harmful & unproductive web content.

24x7 support with firmware updates & hardware replacement protects your business & your SonicWall investment through crucial firmware updates & upgrades, the finest technical support, timely hardware replacement & access to electronic self-help tools.

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Product NameSonicWall Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite Bundle for SonicWall TZ600 - 1 Year
Service Length1 Year License
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