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SonicWall TZ 200 UTM Firewall Appliance

The SonicWall TZ 200 Offers Advanced features like Critical Failover,Support for USB-Based 3G and Analog Modem Failover.

» An "Always-Up" network connection
» High-speed small or home networks
» Works with DSL / Cable / and FiOS
» Teleworkers needing access to the office.
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PLEASE NOTE: The SonicWall TZ 200 has been discontinued and replaced with the SonicWall TZ 205

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SonicWall TZ 200 Features and Benefits

The all new SonicWall TZ Series offers revolutionary breakthroughs with higher performance protection, new redundancy capabilities, enterprise-class Anti-Spam integration, application inspection, and other innovations to protect and improve the efficiency of distributed enterprises and small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs). Available in standard and Wireless-N configurations, the revolutionary TZ 100, TZ 200 and TZ 210 Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances keep you ahead of rapid advancements in Web 2.0, increasing bandwidth requirements and emerging threats.


TZ Series Features:

Delivering higher performance protection.

By leveraging SonicWall's advanced performance technology, the TZ Series gives you dramatically expanded Unified Threat Management (UTM) protection without compromising network throughput.


TZ Series Product Throughput and Performance Comparison

The ultra-performing security processor architecture, honed in the SonicWall NSA Series, has increased the TZ Series performance up to five-fold. Utilizing SonicWall's Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection, the all new TZ Series boosts throughput and real-time inspection providing much greater performance than the competition for the same dollar.

Competitive Comparison: Firewall throughput in Mbps

TZ 210: Testing Methodologies: Maximum performance based on RFC 2544 (for firewall). Actual performance may vary depending on network conditions and activated services.

Revolutionizing comprehensive security.

The new SonicWall TZ Series revolutionizes UTM protection by adding the Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service to its arsenal of Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, Application Firewall, Enforced Client Anti-Virus, and Content Filtering Services.

Increasing productivity through enhanced remote and wireless access.

To protect every access point to your network, the new TZ Series offers Clean VPN™ remote access combining UTM with IPSec and SSL VPN technologies. It also provides Clean Wireless, combining UTM with high-speed 802.11n wireless to encrypt the traffic while also ensuring the integrity of all traffic passing through.

Raising the bar on enterprise-class functionality.

The new SonicWall TZ Series provides enterprise-class functionality while minimizing complexity and total cost of ownership with features such as application inspection, bandwidth throttling, and centralized management, enabling integrated security at every remote site perimeter.

Breakthrough simplicity for both distributed enterprises and SMBs.

The new TZ Series is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use network security solution, built upon the industry's most advanced object-based management operating system—SonicOS.

Protects your business

Deep Packet Inspection Engine - capable of configurable, high-performance scanning across all ports including Web traffic, e-mail, file transfers, Windows services and DNS.

ICSA-Certified Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall (Pending) - ensuring industry-standard integrity and validity for each connection, packet, source and destination.

Comprehensive Security - including Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service, Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion and Prevention Service, Enforced Client Anti-Virus and Content Filtering Service (Premium Business Edition).

SonicWall PortShield - provides the flexibility to configure port level security for the LAN, delivering protection not only from the WAN and DMZ, but also between devices inside the LAN.

Voice and Video over IP - offers high-performance standards-based security for voice (audio), streaming video and other latency-sensitive media over IP-based networks.

Protection that performs.

High-performance Architecture - using advanced SonicWall NSA technology, delivers throughput performance of 100 Mbps for Stateful Packet Inspection and up to 25 Mbps for UTM.

Wireless (802.11b/g/n) - supports 802.11n (up to 5X faster than status quo 802.11g) yet is still compatible with older wireless devices.

Delivers flexibility with control.

Wireless Guest Services - permits wireless Internet connections for guest users such as consultants and contractors, without providing access to the corporate network.

Layer 2 Wireless Bridging – simplifies wireless deployments by allowing the Wireless LAN (WLAN) and LAN interfaces to be on the same subnet.

Configurable Interfaces – are flexibly customizable as a second LAN, a second WAN, a WLAN, a DMZ or other network zone, using SonicWall PortShield.

Time-based and Group Policies - granularly enforceable by individual or group policy, pre-defined schedules, or start and end range, thus simplifying User Level Authentication for Internet and VPN access.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) - offers SSL VPN and IPSec VPN for secure site-to-site and remote access, featuring gateway enforcement, centralized management and flexible configuration.

Easy to set up, and easy to use.

Set-up and Management - is easily configured using a suite of wizards for common configurations such as public servers, VPNs and NAT.

Route-based VPN – provides not only an easier process to configure and maintain VPN tunnel configurations in an ever-changing network environment, but also a more efficient method to manage network topologies for VPN endpoint configurations.

Integrated 5-Port auto-MDIX Switch - automatically and transparently detects and corrects incorrectly wired cables such as cross-over cables, making network installation substantially simpler and less expensive.

SonicWall Global Management System (GMS) - provides tools for simplified configuration, comprehensive enforcement and central management of multiple global security policies, VPNs and services for multiple systems.

Keeps your business continuous.

Failover and Failback Technologies - ensures continuous uptime of IPSec VPN tunnels by failing over to a secondary WAN upon primary connection failure, automatically failing back when connection is re-established.

WAN Redundancy and Load Balancing – provides highly-efficient bandwidth maximization allowing up to four interfaces to be configured as WAN ports in "active-active" load sharing or failover configuration.

ISP Failover – ensures highly reliable and continuous uptime for Internet and IPSec VPN connectivity by failing over to a second ISP link should the primary link fail.

Comparison of SonicWall TZ 200 Firewalls

Firewall Overview

TZ 200
TZ 200 Hardware Only

TZ 200 TotalSECURE
TZ 200 TotalSecure

TZ 200 Wireless
TZ 200 Wireless Hardware Only

TZ 200 Wireless TotalSecure

Hardware Platform

Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
Deep Packet Inspection Firewall
Unlimited File Size Protection
Protocols Scanned50+50+50+50+
ICSA Firewall Certified

Security Services

TZ 200 Hardware Only

TZ 200 TotalSecure

TZ 200 Wireless Hardware Only

TZ 200 Wireless TotalSecure

Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware & IPS
Application Firewall----
Content Filtering Service (CFS) Edition
ViewPoint Reporting
Dynamic Support 24x7
Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service
Enforced Client Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

Firewall General

TZ 200 Hardware Only

TZ 200 TotalSecure

TZ 200 Wireless Hardware Only

TZ 200 Wireless TotalSecure

Interfaces5 FE5 FE5 FE5 FE
Nodes SupportedUnrestrictedUnrestrictedUnrestrictedUnrestricted
Included SonicOS VersionEnhancedEnhancedEnhancedEnhanced
RAM256 MB256 MB256 MB256 MB
Flash Memory16 MB16 MB16 MB16 MB
Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels10101010
Bundled GVC Licenses (Max)2 (10)2 (10)2 (10)2 (10)
Bundled SSL VPN Licenses (Max)1 (10)1 (10)1 (10)1 (10)

Firewall/VPN/ Performance

TZ 200 Hardware Only

TZ 200 TotalSecure

TZ 200 Wireless Hardware Only

TZ 200 Wireless TotalSecure

Stateful Throughput100 Mbps100 Mbps100 Mbps100 Mbps
UTM Performance35 Mbps35 Mbps35 Mbps35 Mbps
Intrusion Prevention Throughput70 Mbps70 Mbps70 Mbps70 Mbps
Gateway Anti-Virus Throughput50 Mbps50 Mbps50 Mbps50 Mbps
IMIX Performance50 Mbps50 Mbps50 Mbps50 Mbps
3DES/AES VPN Throughput75 Mbps75 Mbps75 Mbps75 Mbps
Maximum Connections12,00012,00012,00012,000
New Connections per Second1,0001,0001,0001,000


TZ 200 Hardware Only

TZ 200 TotalSecure

TZ 200 Wireless Hardware Only

TZ 200 Wireless TotalSecure

LoggingViewPoint®, Local Log, SyslogViewPoint®, Local Log, SyslogViewPoint®, Local Log, SyslogViewPoint®, Local Log, Syslog
AuthenticationXAUTH / RADIUS, Active Directory, SSO, LDAP, Internal User DatabaseXAUTH / RADIUS, Active Directory, SSO, LDAP, Internal User DatabaseXAUTH / RADIUS, Active Directory, SSO, LDAP, Internal User DatabaseXAUTH / RADIUS, Active Directory, SSO, LDAP, Internal User Database
Voice over IP (VoIP) Security
Route-based VPN
802.11b/g Wireless LAN--
802.11n Wireless LAN--
Layer 2 Wireless Bridging
Hardware FailoverActive/PassiveActive/PassiveActive/PassiveActive/Passive
WAN Failover
Automated Failover & Failback
3G Wireless/ ModemWith USB 3G Adapter/ ModemWith USB 3G Adapter/ ModemWith USB 3G Adapter/ ModemWith USB 3G Adapter/ Modem
Object-based Management
Policy-based NAT
Load Balancing
PortShield Security
Wireless Management

Pricing - Buy Now

TZ 200 Hardware Only

TZ 200 TotalSecure

TZ 200 Wireless Hardware Only

TZ 200 Wireless Total secure
TZ 200 Wireless TotalSecure

- Optional Upgrade
- Feature Included

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