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SOHO Firewall for Small Business Networks

The SOHO firewall series is designed for small office or home office networks that need protection from Internet security threats.

Features Includes: 
» Multiple ISP Connections Each firewall is designed to support up to 5 WAN / ISP connections that can be used for load balancing or WAN failover in the event an ISP connection goes offline » VPN for Remote AccessThe VPN features include both the traditional IPSec and the new SSL VPN technology. Both allow remote users to access company resources over the Internet in a secure manner.
» Virus & Malware ProtectionThe firewall will stop viruses, malware and bots from entering or leaving your network. Additionally, it will alert you to which machines may already be infected. » Powerful Content FilteringPrevents unauthorized access to websites you deem innappropriate. You can create custom website filtering for individual users, groups of users or the entire network.
» Fast Wireless AccessEasily create secure wireless access for your network users and a seperate wireless network for guest access. » Better VoIP QualityThrough the use of bandwidth management and quality of service you can ensure your VoIP calls receive the bandwidth they need to keep your call crystal clear.
» User Activity ReportingThe firewall allows you to track individual users to determine how they user the Internet and what websites they visit.» Bandwidth ManagementEasily control bandwidth by users, user groups and / or services.

Top Selling SOHO Firewall

Firewall Throughput200 Mbps
VPN Throughput75 Mbps
UTM Throughput25 Mbps
Concurrent Connections8,000
Ethernet Interfaces(5) 10/100
Site-to-Site VPNs (Incl / Max)5/5
IPSec VPN Clients (Incl / Max)0/5
SSL VPN Clients (Incl / Max)1/5
Activity ReportOptional
Avg User Rating
Firewall Throughput240 Mbps
VPN Throughput40 Mbps
UTM Throughput80 Mbps
Concurrent Connections10,000
Ethernet Interfaces(5) 1 GbE
Site-to-Site VPNs (Incl / Max)10/10
IPSec VPN Clients (Incl / Max)5/10
SSL VPN Clients (Incl / Max)11/11
Activity ReportIncluded
Avg User Rating
Firewall Throughput250 Mbps
VPN Throughput60 Mbps
UTM Throughput60 Mbps
Concurrent Connections20,000
Ethernet Interfaces(4) 1 GbE
Site-to-Site VPNs (Incl / Max)30/60
IPSec VPN Clients (Incl / Max)0/5
SSL VPN Clients (Incl / Max)10/10
Activity ReportIncluded
Avg User Rating

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» Product Information Datasheet
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