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Ruckus ICX 7250 24-Port PoE+ Switch - 2x10 GBE Uplinks - ICX7250-24P-2X10G

  • Multi-purpose switches, can be deployed standalone, stacked or in a campus fabric
  • High-performance stackable aggregation and core switches deliver more for less
  • Ruckus Campus Fabric technology is supported on all ICX 7000 models
  • Delivers the benefits of a chassis with the flexibility of stackable switches
  • Superior scalability up to 12 switches per stack
  • Optimizes next-generation 802.11ac wave 2 wireless AP deployment, increasing performance while reducing cost
  • Switching Capacity: 208 Gbps
  • Forwarding Capacity: 154 Mpps
  • Manufacturer Part #: ICX7250-24P-2X10G

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Scalable fixed form factor switches for next-generation IP networks

The Ruckus ICX fixed form-factor switch families work together to deliver a simple secure and scalable high-performance enterprise network solution supporting today's demanding video, Unified Communications (UC), VDI, and wireless access requirements.

In today's 'œmobile-first' world, the campus network has taken on a new role as a critical underlay for wireless traffic. Support for wireless networking is at the core of the ICX family design. ICX switches high PoE budgets and support for PoE+ and PoH will power the new generations of wireless APs, surveillance cameras, video displays and other devices for years to come. All ICX switches offers 10GbE uplinks options at the entry-level and 40GbE at the mid-range to eliminate bottlenecks between network layers and ensure a smooth user experience in high-density wireless environments.

ICX multi-purpose switches can be deployed standalone, stacked or within a campus fabric. Together they comprise the building blocks for simplified network deployment and management, scale-out networking, and investment protection with the industry's lowest total cost of ownership. The ICX switches can be deployed in homogeneous stacks using local or long distance links of up to 10km for maximum flexibility. When configured to work with innovative Ruckus Campus Fabric technology, customers can mix and match ICX switches to build highly converged networks that simplifies deployment and management and improves operational efficiency.

Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Technology for next generation wireless APs

Support for wireless networking is at the core of the ICX family design. Ruckus ICX 7150-48ZP and ICX 7450-32ZP switches are designed to handle next-generation 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless access points. These ICX switches offer 2.5 GbE (803.2bz) ports to connect Multigigabit APs and increase the data speeds. This new technology delivers two and a half times the bandwidth of regular Gigabit Ethernet on the same standard Cat5e cables, reducing the total number for links needed between switches and APs and optimizing wireless performance and scalability.

Ruckus Campus Fabric Technology

Ruckus Campus Fabric technology brings campus networks into the modern era to better support seamless wireless mobility, security, andease of application deployment. It collapses multiple network layers into a single logical switch, flattening the network and eliminating deployment complexity while simplifying network management and reducing operating costs.

All of the Ruckus ICX 7000 platforms can leverage Ruckus Campus Fabric to extend network options and scalability. The technology integrates premium Ruckus ICX 7750 Switches with entry-level and mid-range switches, the Ruckus ICX 7450, ICX 7250, and ICX 71501 Switches, by collapsing network access, aggregation, and core layers into a single logical switch. This logical device results in sharing network services while reducing management touch points and network hops through a single layer design spanning the entire campus network. New switches are quickly and easily added'”simply connect them to a fabric port and the switch is automatically configured and added to the Campus Fabric.

Ruckus Campus Fabric combines the power of Distributed Chassis design with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of fixed form factor switch building blocks. The traditional aggregation/core layer is replaced by a stack of high-performance ICX 7750 switches which deliver a unified network control plane that acts as the central management and traffic forwarding authority for the entire Campus Fabric domain. The high-performance ICX access switches act as virtual line-cards for the entire fabric. Connections between two devices in the fabric can be up to 10km ensuring maximum flexibility and scalability. Ruckus Campus Fabric deployments deliver equivalent or better functionality than large, rigid modular chassis systems with significantly lower costs and smaller carbon footprints.

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Product NameRuckus ICX 7250 24-Port PoE+ Switch - 2x10 GBE Uplinks
ManufacturerRuckus Wireless
Form FactorRackmount
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