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Comparison of SonicWALL Scrutinizer

Supported Protocols & Other Technical SpecificationsTrial ScrutinizerFlow Analytics
Flow Analytics and
Service Provider Modules
Archived DataUp to 24 HoursUnrestrictedUnrestricted
When combined with report archiving provides a platform for trend analysis.Up to 24 Hours
List the top interfaces across all routers, switches and firewallsLimited to 5 Interfaces
Compatible with numerous vendors
Capable of handling up to 20,000 flows per second in v8.X
Does not require Expensive Microsoft® Database
Support for over 1000 exporters & over 1000 Interfaces
Flow View to see all fields in the raw flows.
Integration with Google Maps
Matrix View Function
Schedule reports to be emailed-
100% support for Flexible NetFlow by breaking out details per template
Ability to include and exclude data using filters
Ability to rename templates for future reference
Definable default landing page per customer logs in.
Define Application Groups using ranges of ports and IP addresses
Display data in bits, bytes, packets or percent
Granularity down to the second it was received using FlowView
Include or exclude filters
Create reports based upon IP Groupings
Report per interface on top hosts, protocols, applications, conversations and more
Save Filters on custom reports
Support for at least 9 languages
Trend in, out or both at the same time, in all reports
Ability to add multiple interfaces across multiple routers, switches, or firewalls to single report
Filter on any field exported (e.g. MAC Address, VLAN, Latency, etc.) in the templates
Reports on the amount of traffic being dropped by collector, thus providing greater accuracy than competitors
Adds several additional traffic analysis Report Types (e.g. Flows, Flow Volume, NBAR Support, etc.).-
Easily identify top appplications on the networkw across numerous network devices-
MPLS reporting by subnets-
Report and trend on Microsoft® Exchange logs-
Saves all the records, all the flows, all the time for as long as necessary including indefinitely-
Create reports based upon top countries, domains or subnets-
SonicWALL specific reporting templates-
Reports exportable to .CSV format--
Customizable billing solutions for over usage and invoicing.--
Alarm for unfinished flows and nefarious activities-
Alarm on saved filters (e.g. total traffic or per row)-
Alarming for high interface utilization-
Any saved report in Scrutinizer can be configured with a threshold to trigger an alarm.-
Unique index per alarm (tells how many other alarms the host has violated)-
Offers administrators the ability to proactively monitor QoS and become automatically alerted of degraded voice / video traffic-
Ability to click on the links in the map to bring up the top conversations
Excellent troubleshooting tool for helping administrators identify 'slowness' on the network
Latency/ Jitter Analysis on nProbe only
Mapping of network with links that change color based on utilization
Search for specific hosts or ports
Identifies what devices do not have the Active Timeout configured correctly.
Capacity planning tool for system admins to determine usage during peak hours-
Host Flows (volume of flows per host)-
Host Volume (volume of unique hosts per second)-
Pair Volume (Volume of unique to/from address pairs)-
Leverages IPFIX statistics to provide greater insight into VoIP metrics (codec, caller ID, duration, originator, destination, etc.)-
Configurable time frame for DNS caching
Filter for “Host to Host” and “Subnet to Subnet”
Ability to filter traffic based upon TCP Flag
Keeps track of the Flow Sequence Number, trends results and indicates problems
Run reports to find rogue DNS, DHCP, mail, etc., servers on the network
Alert & Detection of banned applications (e.g. BitTorrent P2P, FTP, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, etc-
Alert & Detection of malicious traffic (e.g. worms, viruses), known compromised internet hosts, illegal IP addresses, excessive Multicast traffic, HTTP hijacking, DNS Cache poisoning, Rouge DHCP servers, DDoS attacks, etc-
Alert & detection of Scanning: SYN, NULL, FIN, XMAS etc-
Specify allowed subnets and alarm for rogue IP addresses-
Customizable MyView dashboards per login
Group based user permissions
Configure permissions per login account for access to flows for specific router, switch, firewall interfaces.--
Style sheets easily modified with several defaults to change the colors, fonts, and logos to match the Service Providers marketing efforts.--
First of its kind IPFIX implementation into a firewall appliance
Ability to view individual flow templates (NetFlow v9 and Flexible NetFlow)
Allows integration of 3rd party applications and URLs into mashups
Customize interface names and overwrite default SNMP ifAlias name
Customize interface speed, both in and out, with different values
Exclude transport protocols from being saved per interface, router or globally (very important feature when VPNs and tunnels are involved).
Identify interface names using NetFlow or SNMP.
Integration with any 3rd party NMS solutions
LDAP support
Listen for flows on unlimited UDP ports
Support for IPv6
Support for NetFlow v1, v5, v6, v7, v9, jFlow, sFlow (v2, v4, v5), SNMP(v1, v2, v3) and IPFIX
Filter for Nexthop-
Support for FnF NBAR and IPFIX performing deep packet inspection to identify Layer 7 application traffic-
DNS resolution becomes automated and a constant process.-

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