SonicWall NSV 10 Virtual Appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V High Availability - 02-SSC-1467

  • Recommended for 11-25 user network
  • IMIX Throughput: 750 Mbps
  • Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels:10
  • SSL VPN licenses: Includes 2 (Upgradable to 10)
  • Manufacturer Part #: 02-SSC-1467

Next-gen security for public, private or hybrid cloud environments

The design, implementation & deployment of modern network architectures, such as virtualization & cloud, continue to be a game-changing strategy for many organizations. Virtualizing the data center, migrating to the cloud, or a combination of both, demonstrates significant operational & economic advantages. However, vulnerabilities within virtual environments are well-documented. New vulnerabilities are discovered regularly that yield serious security implications & challenges. To ensure applications & services are delivered safely, efficiently & in a scalable manner, while still combating threats harmful to all parts of the virtual framework including virtual machines (VMs), application workloads & data must be among the top priorities.

The SonicWall Network Security virtual (NSv) firewall series helps security teams reduce these types of security risks & vulnerabilities, which can cause serious disruption to your business-critical services & operations. NSv next generation virtual firewalls integrate two advanced security technologies to deliver cutting-edge threat prevention that keeps your network one step ahead. SonicWalls patent-pending Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) technology enhances our award-winning multi-engine Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) sandboxing service.

The RTDMI engine proactively detects & blocks mass market, zero-day threats & unknown malware by inspecting directly in memory. Because of the real-time architecture, SonicWall RTDMI technology is precise, minimizes false positives, & identifies & mitigates sophisticated attacks where the malwares weaponry is exposed for less than 100 nanoseconds. In combination, SonicWalls patented single-pass Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine examines every byte of every packet, inspecting both inbound & outbound traffic on the firewall.

Segmentation Security

NSv automatically enforces segmentation restrictions based upon dynamic criteria, such as user identity credentials, geo-IP location & the security stature of mobile endpoints. For extended security, NSv is also capable of integrating multi-gigabit network switching into its security segment policy & enforcement. It directs segment policy to traffic at switching points throughout the network, & globally manages segment security enforcement from a single pane of glass.

Flexible Deployment Use Cases

With infrastructure support for high availability implementation, NSv fulfills scalability & availability requirements of Software Defined Data Centers. It ensures system resiliency, service reliability, & regulatory conformance. Optimized for broad range of public, private & hybrid deployment use cases, NSv can adapt to service-level changes & ensure VMs & their application workloads & data assets are available, as well as secure. It can do it all at multiGbps speed with low latency.

Organizations gain all the security advantages of a physical firewall, with the operational & economic benefits of virtualization. This includes system scalability, operation agility, provisioning speed, simple management & cost reduction.

The NSv series is available in multiple virtual flavors carefully packaged for a broad range of virtualized & cloud deployment use cases. Delivering multigigabit threat prevention & encrypted traffic inspection performance, the NSv series adapts to capacity-level increases & ensures VN & VPC safety. The series also ensures application workloads & data assets are available as well as secure.

More Information
Product NameSonicWall NSV 10 Virtual Appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V High Availability
Form FactorVirtual
SSL VPN Throughput500 Mbps - 750 Mbps
Service Length1 Year License
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