SonicWall SMA 500V with 5 User License - 01-SSC-8469

  • Recommended for SMB companies with 250 or fewer employees
  • User licenses available in 5, 10, 25 and 100 user increments
  • 25 concurrent Virtual Assist (Maximum)
  • 250 Concurrent Users (Maximum )
  • Virtual Appliance
  • Manufacturer Part #: 01-SSC-8469


Today, maintaining an edge in business often requires being able to securely access company information & work on files from anywhere. The SonicWALL® Secure Remote Access (SRA) Virtual Appliance provides small- to medium-sized businesses with a secure remote access solution that requires no pre-installed client software. Thanks to the benefits of virtualization, administration is eased, performance is optimized with increased efficiency of resources, & costs are lowered.

SSL VPN Virtual Appliance features.

As a hardened, performance-optimized virtual server, the SonicWALL SRA Virtual Appliance offers granular policy configuration controls, seamless integration with any firewall & multi-platform mobile device support while reducing capital costs.

Increased savings.

A pre-configured virtual machine has no professional service fees or hidden costs. By running multiple operating systems & applications on a single computer, businesses can consolidate resources & reduce expenses.

Easy migration.

Deployment costs are minimized since administrators can simply move a snapshot of a virtual environment to new physical server infrastructure.

Reduced complexity.

With shared computing resources, less administration time is required per server. The appliance-based architecture simplifies product selection & integration as well as ongoing support.


A hardened OS prohibits users from tampering with the underlying integrity of the virtual appliance. The performance-optimized architecture activates only necessary processes.

Ideal for SMBs.

Small & medium businesses can use a virtualized environment to consolidate networking & security related services to bring down the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Platform features.

A variety of customizable features ensure the SonicWALL SRA Series delivers the consistent, relia

NetExtender technology.

With a thin client pushed transparently onto the client€™s desktop, laptop or smartphone, users enjoy seamless & secure access to servers & custom applications on the corporate network.


Load balancing.

Administrators can use the SonicWALL SRA load balancing feature set to partition HTTP/HTTS-based requests across multiple Web, email or other server-based applications, or to provide load balancing for other SRA appliances.

Unified policy.

Through the management interface, network administrators have a central location in which they can define administrator bookmarks & create policies to control user access to streamline configuration, troubleshooting & administrative overhead.

Granular access.

Through granular policy configuration controls, network administrators can easily create policies that lock down users to specific resources & applications to prevent unauthorized access.

One-time passwords.

A unique one-time password can be generated for every login & combined with the user name & standard network password for enhanced log on protection.

Customized Web portal.

Each remote user launches a personalized Web portal for easy access to email, files, applications, internal websites & other authorized resources.

Easy-to-use Web management interface.

The easy-to-use Web-based GUI makes configuration, monitoring & updating the SRA appliance & user policies easy & straightforward.

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