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SonicWALL Vs. Cisco


Need an alternative to Cisco ASA? SonicWALL has your answer.

Looking for a better solution for network protection with higher performance, complete protection, easy to use, and affordable? As a recognized leader in network security, SonicWALL focuses on developing solutions that remove the cost and complexity from managing a secure network environment. With over one million award-winning appliances shipped, SonicWALL solutions have been protecting customers since 1991 and are available to order today.

Top Things the Cisco ASA Can't Do for Your That SonicWALL Will

1. No 802.11n Wireless – 802.11g is the fastest
you'll get with the Cisco ASAs
6. No Outbound Malware Blocking – ASAs only do inbound DPI (when they have a module)
2. No Integrated Deep Packet Inspection – ASAs require additional IPS and Gateway AV hardware modules7. No Clean VPN – No scanning of threats over IPSec/SSL VPN connections with Cisco ASAs
3. No 3G Wireless Failover – USB-based 3G is not an option on Cisco ASAs8. No Desktop Anti-Virus – Infected endpoints can connect to the corporate LAN
4. No Application Intelligence and Control – No application level bandwidth control and blocking on Cisco ASAs9. No Onboard Comprehensive Anti-Spam – ASAs require an additional hardware module for Anti-Spam
5. Limited File Size and Port Scanning – ASAs are extremely limited; SonicWALLs aren't10. Limited Protocol Inspection – ASAs select protocols to scan; SonicWALLs scan everything

SonicWALL TZ 210 VS Cisco ASA 5505

In this 3.5 minute video, Jon Kuhn, SonicWALL Network Security Product Management, explains the high performance protection of the SonicWALL TZ 210 and how it is better than equivalent Cisco® ASA 5505 and Juniper® SSG-5 products.
» SonicWALL TZ 210 offer performance and protection without any compromise
» SonicWALLs' are easier to manage
» TZ 210 is faster than Cisco (ThroughPut 200MB vs 150MB)
» TZ 210's VPN is also faster than Cisco 5505
» CIsco's ASA 5505 don't offer Anti-Spyware, Gateway Anti Virus or IPS

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Nine Things to Expect from SonicWALL's Next-Generation Firewall

1. Unified Threat Management – Delivers a secure, converged solution that enables significantly higher performance to improve network security and productivity6.Control and elimination of non-essential traffic – Regulates mail attachments and file transfers; manages bandwidth to restrict streaming video/ music, Web 2.0, and P2P applications; applies restrictions to applications, groups, or on a per-user basis; blocks access to specified Web sites
2. Site-to-site VPN convergence(voice, video, data) – Unites separate offices, expands tele-worker capabilities, and terminates VPN tunnels for remote locations and VPN phones
3. Remote VPN (IP Sec and SSL VPN) –Provides mobile users with access to all office services, controls access to resources via user and groups, and maintains security through DPI7. LAN traffic protection – Inspects and cleans every packet of encrypted traffic crossing the LAN from content-based threats such as viruses and malware
4. Uninterrupted, high-quality voice and video – Enables administrators to prioritize voice and video over other less time-sensitive traffic8. Granular log controls to track all network activity – Allows network administrators to track network utilization, monitor security activity, and view Web usage
5. Specified traffic restrictions – Scans files/documents for keywords and specified content9. Future-proofed network – Adapts and responds to emerging threats as new applications and data traverse your network

How do SonicWALL solutions compare to Cisco ASA products?

First, better, more comprehensive protection, using patented RFDPI (Re-assembly Free Deep Packet Inspection) technology, plus seamlessly integrated services featuring gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, enforced desktop anti-virus, content filtering, and application intelligence, are available with SonicWALL solutions, but not with Cisco's offerings.





Cisco ASA 5505150 Mps100 MpsService AvailableService Not AvailableService Not AvailableService Not Available$845
TZ 210200 Mps75 MpsService AvailableService AvailableService AvailableService Available$795
Cisco ASA 5510300 Mps170 MpsService AvailableService Not AvailableService Not AvailableService Not Available$3,495
NSA 2400775 Mps300 MpsService AvailableService AvailableService AvailableService Available$2,495
Cisco ASA 5520450 Mps225 MpsService AvailableService Not AvailableService Not AvailableService Not Available$7,795
NSA 45002750 Mps1000 MpsService AvailableService AvailableService AvailableService Available$4,995
Cisco ASA 5540650 Mps325 MpsService AvailableService Not AvailableService Not AvailableService Not Available$16,995
NSA E55003900 Mps1700 MpsService AvailableService AvailableService AvailableService Available$9,995
Cisco ASA 55501200 Mps425 MpsService AvailableService Not AvailableService Not AvailableService Not Available$19,995
NSA E65005000 Mps2700 MpsService AvailableService AvailableService AvailableService Available$17,995
Cisco ASA 55805000 Mps1000 MpsService AvailableService Not AvailableService Not AvailableService Not Available$49,995
NSA E75005600 Mps3000 MpsService AvailableService AvailableService AvailableService Available$29,995

Make the Best Decision for Securing Your Network
Choose SonicWALL Firewalls

*Disclaimer: Statements contained in this document are based on publicly available information as of January 01, 2011

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