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Sophos SafeGuard Data Exchange - 100-199 Clients - NDXHTCPAA

  • Location-based encryption of files stored on removable media
  • Make secure data-sharing simple
  • Manage your protection centrally
  • Roll out quickly from one location
  • Provides secure key derivation using PKCS #5
  • Manufacturer Part #: NDXHTCPAA

NOTICE: Sophos License & Renewal products may only be activated in the United States of America.

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Removeable Media Encryption

Your users need to exchange information to do their jobs. And you need to protect sensitive and confidential data. We make it practical to do both. Our SafeGuard Data Exchange encrypts files on removable media as well as files exchanged between removable media, PCs and email attachments.

SafeGuard Data Exchange offers location-based encryption of files stored on removable media so you can exchange them with other users. Only users who have the appropriate keys can read the contents of the encrypted data. All encryption and decryption processes are run transparently and involve minimum user interaction.

During daily work you will not notice that the data is encrypted. However, when you disconnect the removable media, the data remains encrypted and is protected against unauthorized access. Unauthorized users can access the files physically, but they cannot read them without SafeGuard Data Exchange and the relevant key.

Your security officer defines how data on removable media is handled. The security officer can, for example, define encryption as mandatory for files stored on any removable media. In this case, all unencrypted files existing on the device are initially encrypted. In addition, all new files saved to removable media are encrypted. If existing files are not to be encrypted, the security officer can choose to allow access to existing unencrypted files. In this case, SafeGuard Data Exchange does not encrypt the existing unencrypted files. However, new files are encrypted. So you can read and edit the existing unencrypted files, but as soon as you rename them, they are encrypted. The security officer can also specify that you are not allowed to access unencrypted files, and they remain unencrypted.


  • Encrypts many types of storage devices quickly and easily: USB drives, external hard disks, memory cards, rewritable CDs/DVDs and email attachments
  • Prevents nonencrypted sensitive data from being stored on ‚ or copied from ‚ storage devices
  • Automatically applies your chosen security policy based on the media type
  • Provides secure key derivation using PKCS #5
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