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Sophos SafeGuard Device Encryption - 2000-4999 Clients - NDELTCPAA

  • Encrypts swap and hibernation files for complete security
  • Performs encryption in the background, letting users work without interruption
  • Lets users securely recover forgotten passwords by phone or using our local self-help option
  • Automatically runs Opal self-encrypting drives when available, and software encryption when theyre not
  • Provides comprehensive data security when used with other Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise modules
  • Manufacturer Part #: NDELTCPAA

NOTICE: Sophos License & Renewal products may only be activated in the United States of America.

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Encryption of laptops, desktops and removable media

Lost or stolen laptops and desktop PCs cause data breaches and compliance problems. We give you full-disk encryption that protects your confidential data without slowing your users down.

Get secure pre-boot authentication

We keep your data safe from the moment anyone boots up your PCs

Enables pre-boot user authentication using a password, cryptographic token or smartcard, biometrics single sign-on (SSO) or key ring

Provides single sign-on for both encryption and operating system so your users have to remember only one login

Lets you use policy updates to add and remove users before starting the operating system

Enforces the consistent password rules you set for your organization

Uses a secure log-on process to block password attacks

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