Sophos SafeGuard Easy - 50-99 Clients - SGEGTCPAA

  • Strengthens your data protection with minimal effort
  • Delivers data security using proven encryption algorithms that maximize security and performance
  • Ensures complete security with encrypted swap and hibernation files
  • Provides silent encryption that lets users work without interruption
  • Offers secure password recovery by phone or the local self-help option
  • Makes login more convenient and secure with single sign-on €š there €š s just one password to remember
  • Manufacturer Part #: SGEGTCPAA
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Simple full-disk encryption for laptops, netbooks, & desktops

Sophos SafeGuard Easy keeps all the data stored on laptops and desktop computers safe without getting in the way of your users ‚ productivity. If a computer is lost or stolen, full-disk encryption prevents anyone from reading the data. So your users can take their computers anywhere without fear of a data breach or compliance problems.

Get secure power-on authentication & authorization

You ‚ ll protect information on your PCs from unauthorized access, while keeping things simple for your users:

Provides single sign-on (SSO) to the operating system, which means users only have to remember one set of credentials.

Enables you to enforce pre-defined password rules, and you ‚ ll block password penetration attacks with a hardened login process.

Allows multiple users to share encrypted computers without sharing their passwords.

Lets you customize the pre-boot login screen with your company ‚ s logo and instructions to give users a consistent look-and-feel.

Provides service accounts that let administrators efficiently roll out the software and perform maintenance of PCs and notebooks.

Allows automation of administrative activities (such as patch management) enabled by Secure Wake-On-LAN functionality.

Simplify set up and maintenance

Our Policy Editor lets you quickly create your initial security configuration policies. If you need to update the initial policies after deployment, you can use any standard software management tools to modify and reapply your policies.

Customized reporting

A scriptable tool lets you query and report on encryption status, product version and other features. You can use this tool with most system management and reporting consoles to create custom reports.

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