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Sophos SafeGuard Encryption for File Shares - 10-24 Clients - NFSETCPAA

  • Stores confidential documents securely on file servers and shares them with members of your group
  • Controls privileged users and prevents access to confidential documents by IT administrators
  • Performs encryption transparently, which lets users work without interruption
  • Delivers data security with proven and certified encryption for the best security and performance
  • AES-NI support for hardware-based encryption with latest Intel i5 and i7 processors
  • Manufacturer Part #: NFSETCPAA

NOTICE: Sophos License & Renewal products may only be activated in the United States of America.

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File and folder encryption for network shares

Companies store their important data on network file servers because they are centrally managed and backed up. But how are your documents protected so you know the right people are accessing them? With our file and folder encryption, you can limit access to authorized users and enable secure collaboration for your whole organization. Privileged users like IT administrators can still manage files on servers but can t read their content.

Secure your data with strong, transparent encryption

Get industry-certified encryption that s already protecting millions of computers and devices in companies like yours.

  • Performs file and folder encryption, encrypting all files inside specified folders
  • Persistent encryption keeps your documents encrypted
  • Know your data is safe, even if your users move or copy files to other locations or devices, preventing unwanted decryption
  • Uses strong, standardized encryption algorithms that are secure and fast
  • Algorithms include AES-NI support for hardware-based encryption with latest Intel i5 and i7 processors, making it even faster
  • Allows only authorized users to read encrypted documents
  • Encrypts documents transferred to the servers, so they can t be sniffed on the wire
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