Sophos SafeGuard LAN Crypt - 500-999 Clients - SLCJTCPAA

  • Transparent data security for user groups and individual users
  • Encryption on all standard media and in heterogeneous environments
  • Simple implementation of a company-wide security policy
  • Easy PKI integration and support for certificates, smartcards and USB tokens
  • Separation of duties between server and security administration
  • Manufacturer Part #: SLCJTCPAA
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Unique protection of confidential files against unauthorized insider or outsider access

SafeGuard LAN Crypt is a product for transparent file encryption. It has been developed to enable confidential file exchange for groups of trusted users in large organizations.

In contrast to other file encryption products, SafeGuard LAN Crypt works without user interaction, supporting the role of a security officer who is also able to restrict the access rights of the system administrator by LAN Crypt-encrypted files. A Master Security Officer can delegate the right to administer SafeGuard LAN Crypt. This way they can establish a hierarchy of Security Officers, which meets the security requirements of any company.

Every time a user moves a file into a trusted directory, the file is encrypted on their computer. And every time another trusted user in the same group reads the file from this directory, it is transferred to them in encrypted form. The file is only decrypted on its recipient ‚ s computer. It may be modified there and encrypted again before being transferred back to the encrypted directory.

Encrypted files are not assigned to individual users. Any user who has the correct key can access an encrypted file. This allows administrators to create logical user groups which are able to share encrypted files. This can be compared to a bunch of keys in use in everyday life. SafeGuard LAN Crypt provides users and user groups with a bunch of keys that can be used for different doors or safes.

Unauthorized users may be able to access these encrypted files (only from workstations without SafeGuard LAN Crypt), but without SafeGuard LAN Crypt authorization, they cannot read them. This means a file is never at risk even if no access protection is defined for the system itself, if the network is attacked, or even if employees do not obey the organization ‚ s security policy.

If you need to protect your intellectual property stored in files from unauthorized access in the LAN, on file servers, on local hard disks or on removable media, SafeGuard LAN Crypt should be the product of your choice.

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