Sophos SafeGuard Middleware - 1000-1999 Clients - XXGKTCPAA

  • Uses internationally recognized encryption standards for full hard-disk encryption
  • Stops unauthorized users from reading lost or stolen media
  • Ensures fast and secure authentication, using biometric fingerprint and cryptographic token support
  • Manages storing, sharing, exchanging and retiring of keys from the central console
  • Supports next-generation processors
  • Manufacturer Part #: XXGKTCPAA

NOTICE: Sophos License & Renewal products can only be activated in the United States of America.

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Protecting your data wherever it goes

To stay productive, users access corporate data from any number of devices, regardless of policy. To keep your business data safe and compliant, our encryption solution protects your information across all platforms. Know that your data is protected no matter where it goes: on personal devices, in network file shares or in the cloud. Includes support for Windows 8, 8.1 and file and disk encryption on Macs.

Protect your information and manage compliance

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise is the complete encryption and data protection solution ‚ from computers to networks, and the cloud. We make it simple for you to manage your security policies and data protection effectively across your organization. You'll be ready to comply with data privacy laws and keep the wrong people from seeing your organization's confidential information.

SafeGuard Middleware uses our single console to manage full-disk encryption, removable-media encryption, file-share encryption and cloud-storage encryption. It provides up-to-date security status for all your devices. Get reporting and auditing that lets you monitor and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

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Product NameSophos SafeGuard Middleware - 1000-1999 Clients
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