Comfortable as a Cloud with Cloud App Security

Whether for email, documents, storage, or something else, your business most likely needs (or will need) cloud applications to function on a daily basis. That means you need a reliable way to keep the apps, your users, and your business secure. Enter SonicWall Cloud App Security. SonicWall Cloud App Security delivers industry leading next-gen security for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more.

Embrace the Cloud Without Fear

It may be more comfortable to have all your software and data within your organization, but the cost of housing, maintaining, and securing the applications and storage on your own can be astronomical. The solution is SaaS, and to give yourself peace of mind, SonicWall’s Cloud App Security can make sure your business is safe in the cloud.

SonicWall Cloud App Security provides visibility, data security, advanced threat protection, and compliance. It stops targeted phishing, impersonation, and account takeover attacks. By analyzing real-time and historical events, it can identify breaches and security gaps – that means its ready for zero-day threats and ransomware. All of this protection comes with a second-to-none user experience as well.

Secure Email and File Sharing

Use G Suite or Office 365 for emails or document-sharing/storage? SonicWall Cloud App Security provides powerful anti-phishing, attachment sandboxing, and advanced URL protection. For inbound, outbound, and internal messages, you can count on each email being scanned for malware. If a malicious email does somehow get through, you can even turn back time and retract it from your users’ inboxes post-delivery. And when it comes to file-storage and sharing through Google Drive or OneDrive, Cloud App Security also prevents confidential file uploads and unauthorized file sharing.

It does all this with a low total cost of ownership, minimal overhead for deployment and management, and a user-friendly experience. See more about how your SaaS apps are protected:

Integrating with the Capture Web

SonicWall’s most advanced products and services integrate seamlessly together into what we’ve dubbed the SonicWall Capture Web–and SonicWall Cloud App Security is no exception. When deployed with a SonicWall TZ-Series or NSa-Series next-generation firewall appliance, Cloud App Security offers shadow IT visibility and control for cloud usage on the network. As a cloud-native service delivered and managed through SonicWall’s Capture Security Center, Cloud App Security consolidates Threat Intelligence from around the globe for peerless threat prevention, reporting, and analytics for organizations of any size. It also integrates seamlessly with Capture Advanced Threat Protection, harnessing the real-time intelligence of more than 1 million security sensors worldwide.

Learn more about how Cloud App Security joins together with SonicWall’s many integrated solutions to form a web of protection through the Capture Cloud Platform with our SonicWall Capture Web Infographic.

Get Started with Cloud App Security

You can take a deeper dive into the details of Cloud App Security by taking a look at SonicWall’s Cloud App Security datasheet. The next step? Find the option that fits your organization, whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users!