No More Wizards! Get the Configuration QuickStart Checklist

Unrivaled Network Security. It’s no magic trick. Stopping 2021’s top threats means more than just a slick next-gen appliance. It means deploying a detailed and thorough configuration touching on dozens of unique settings, complex hierarchies, and strategic arrangements of resources. How you manage your firewall is just as important as which brand or model you choose, so you can’t afford to short yourself with the setup wizard. According to Gartner, 99% of successful network breaches can be attributed to a misconfiguration of the firewall. It’s time to blow away the smoke and mirrors.

If You Want Something Done Right

You want to try DIY, but maybe you’re not the GOAT with the NSA series. If you’re switching to new tech or just haven’t tackled a config project in a while, you may be surprised by all the advanced new features and options available on next-generation firewalls like the FortiGate-100E with built-in SPUs or how the SFOS 17.5 firmware release handles clientless SSO through Sophos Central. While you may be tempted to bridge a knowledge gap with the pre-packaged configuration wizard, there’s just not a whole lot there when you look behind the curtain.

In fact, the setup wizard is one of the culprits behind some of the most common mistakes even experienced professionals make when configuring their firewalls. We went over seven missteps that we see most often in the video below. Watch if you’re feeling lucky.

To give you another reason to say “No” to the configuration wizard, is providing a free copy of our Firewall Configuration QuickStart Checklist! This in-depth checklist assists with every step of the configuration process from start to finish. If you choose to tackle your firewall config in-house, follow along with our checklist to make sure you’re not missing out on any of the advanced capabilities your appliance can perform. The checklist includes:

  • 17 Pages of Settings, Documentation, & Helpful Configuration Tips
  • User Group Hierarchy Tables & Network Application Logs
  • In-Depth Overview of WAN, LAN, & Guest Wireless Setting Options
  • Advanced Security Feature Lists
  • Options for Managed Security Services, Support, & Custom Solutions

Make sure you never miss a step by following along with the Configuration QuickStart Checklist. Every setting, big or small, can be the deciding factor that determines whether you’re a victor or a victim. Download the checklist free and say “No” to the setup wizard!


No More Wizards. Get the Firewall Configuration QuickStart Checklist from


If You Want Something Done Flawlessly

Want to skip the config headache completely? has the credentials to write the guide on firewall configurations because our expert team of top-tier certified network engineers has been perfectly configuring SonicWall, Sophos, Fortinet, WatchGuard, and Barracuda firewalls for literal decades! Each year, we process hundreds of end-to-end firewall configurations out of our Security Operations Center in Indianapolis. Real, local certified security experts work one-on-one with you to take on the unique demands of your network. Whether you’re looking for a highly available network with built-in redundancy or a super smart appliance backed by machine learning, our engineers have the skills and experience to get the job done while you focus on more productive tasks.

Don’t rely on cheap tricks. Say “No” the Configuration Wizard with a Custom Configuration or follow along with the Firewall Configuration QuickStart Checklist.