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Our team of certified experts for SonicWall, Sophos, Fortinet, and WatchGuard are happy to help troubleshoot your firewall issues to find a solution.

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What To Expect When You Call Into Firewalls.com

Firewall troubleshooting is a complicated process that most small businesses are not prepared to undertake. Our SOC is filled with 100% local, fully certified network engineers that are highly familiar with the brands and services they support.

From the moment you call into our SOC, you will be connected with a real, US-based network security expert who has undergone extensive training from the same manufacturers that built your firewall. A one-on-one call will help us troubleshoot firewall issues that may be slowing your network down or exposing your data to hackers. We offer billable, premium firewall support sold by the hour in addition to our monthly subscription-based Managed Security Services.

How Our Team Of Experts Get To The Final Solution

Our manufacture certified engineers work directly with you to troubleshoot firewall issues over-the-wire, providing simple solutions that can be configured remotely. After a short discovery call, a network engineer is assigned to your support ticket and immediately gets to work. Most of our firewall support tickets are addressed and resolved within just a few hours. That means you go from “phone call” to “fixed it all” with minimal network downtime.

How Much Does It Cost

Billable hourly support is based on the appliances on your network, the complexity of your configuration, and the nature of the firewall issue you are troubleshooting. The most affordable way to ensure your network gets secure and stays secure is to enroll in our flat rate monthly Managed Security Service, a commitment-free monitoring and management service that puts a team of certified network experts at the forefront of your security posture.

Trust The Experts In Cyber Security

The cyber security team at Firewalls.com are certified experts that are officially recognized from brands like SonicWall, Fortinet, Sophos, and WatchGuard. Our clients trust us to be the front line defense of their business, protecting them from takeovers, ransomware, and more. We operate a fully self-managed firewall security and monitoring facility that is located in the US with very high standard of customer service. When you call we answer and when you need support we are here to help.

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