Renewing A SonicWall License: Why, how, & when to renew

Depending on the length of your previously purchased subscriptions, you may be nearing time to renew licenses for your SonicWall appliance. Renewal time can be a confusing and burdensome period, forcing you to make expensive decisions in a shrinking timeframe. As your deadline for renewal approaches, you may be wondering why you’re paying these recurring costs in the first place. After all, you’re not buying annual renewals for your printer or copy machine, so what’s the deal with firewall renewals?

Why Do Cybersecurity Licenses Need to be Renewed?

There’s a classic thought experiment called the “ship of Theseus.” For those unacquainted, here’s the paradox in a nutshell: as the wooden planks of Theseus’s (an ancient Greek hero) ship slowly rot with age, they are replaced–one at a time—with new planks. If this process continues for years until 100% of the original wooden planks have been scrapped and replaced with new lumber, is Theseus still sailing his original ship or a completely new vessel? This paradox of identity is relevant to how we think of license renewal: the firewall guarding your network today is not the same firewall that you deployed a year ago.

Ransomware, hackers, and malware cocktails are constantly evolving. When the threat actors in Russia call it a day, the hackers in Argentina are just clocking in. Luckily, network engineers and architects all around the globe are working even harder to deny their advances. Because of this never-ending cyber arms race, your firewall receives daily updates with up-to-the-minute strategies, signatures, and solutions for the dark web’s malware du jour. Chances are, the strategies that your firewall used to combat breaches last year are obsolete and have been replaced by more appropriate solutions.

Many people consider firewalls to be the primary powerhouse of network security; however, the physical appliance mounted in your rack (need a rack mount kit?) can be better thought of as a command center from which highly-specialized task forces—your licenses—can effectively deploy. While most firewalls do include some basic security capabilities, their true strength lies in empowering the security services executed through them.

What happens to your firewall if you decide to skip renewal? The same thing that would happen if Theseus decided to never replace the rotten lumber of his famous ship: his boat would go on sailing for a while, slowly gaining larger holes and breaches until it disappeared under the waves, leaving poor Theseus stranded and very salty.

How Do I Find the Correct License for Renewal? has worked hard to make this a painless process with our Renewals & Licensing Wizard. The license finder can locate your next renewal in under 30 seconds. strongly recommends SonicWall’s Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS), which offers the greatest degree of protection at a fair price point. The SonicWall AGSS bundle arms your network with a comprehensive array of cyberdefenses and, with Capture Advanced Threat Protection, denies even never-seen-before advanced threats.

Still not sure which license best fits your needs? Leave us your name & number. Our team will lend a hand!

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When Do I Need To Renew?

This question is somewhat trickier to answer as it depends on the date you purchased your initial license. Most security providers and resellers offer licenses in 1, 2, or 3-year terms. Organizations that plan ahead can save a ton of money by purchasing licenses in longer 3-year terms. If you can afford

If you’re a customer, you can relax. Our team will reach out when your license’s expiration date draws near with helpful reminders, tips, and special offers.

Didn’t purchase your appliance from We can still show you how to find your service expiration date. Just follow the steps in these screenshots:

renew your sonicwall license expiration date location in mysonicwall

Step 1: Navigate to the the “Manage” tab in the top bar.

Step 2: In the left-hand menu, select “Licenses.”

renew sonicwall license at mysonicwall expiration date location

Step 3: Expiration dates for services can be found in the far right column.

Never Want to Worry About Renewal Again?

Psst… hey. We know a little secret that could mean you never have to keep track of expiration dates, service terms, or activation codes ever again. Security As A Service through our partner company, Techvisity, puts our team of expert engineers at the helm of your cyber security defenses, making them responsible for firmware updates, license renewals, and all of the gritty day-to-day particulars of network security. If you’re ready to quit Googling articles about subscriptions and patches, come explore how Security As A Service can improve your security posture while reducing your security budget.