Ruckus Wireless indoor & outdoor wireless APs fit any budget

Ruckus Wireless indoor & outdoor wireless APs fit any budget

Ruckus Wireless takes wireless security to the next level with its ZoneFlex and Unleashed wireless access point families. Ruckus is shaping the future of connectivity – its ICX network switches can make even the most complex wireless network deployments possible. Whether you’re looking to extend fast, secure Wi-Fi to a classroom, hotel room, or hospital room, Ruckus Wireless has you covered with high-performance, next generation appliances.

Ruckus security made easy

Small businesses, retail spaces, hotels, schools–no matter the venue, wireless devices are multiplying and growing hungrier for bandwidth every year. Running a small business in 2020 means secure, high-performance wireless connectivity is a necessity, not a luxury. Ruckus security services mixed with the lightning fast speeds of its security processors means you don’t have to sacrifice speed for safety.

Not every small business has the budget or IT talent to handle a complex wireless network configuration. And still fewer SMBs have the spare time to manage a wireless security infrastructure once deployed, but Ruckus makes deployments simpler with intuitive management dashboards, affordable prices, and controller-less solutions like Ruckus Unleashed access points.


Choosing the right Ruckus AP

ZoneFlex R-Series Access Points are great for:

ZoneFlex T-Series Access Points are great for:

  • Outdoor hospitality spaces & common areas
  • Campus quads & satellite classrooms
  • Harbors, ports, beachside, & marinas
  • Outdoor venues & sports stadiums

ZoneFlex H-Series Access Points are great for:

  • Hotel guest rooms
  • Classrooms & hospital rooms
  • University residence halls

Ruckus Wireless Access Point Guide: Choose the best Ruckus Wireless AP for Small Business


Ruckus ICX Network Switches

Ruckus ICX network switches combine enterprise-grade security features with intuitive management and a flexible solution that lets small businesses easily scale up their switch solution by stacking additional network switches. If you’re paying your ISP for a gigabit Ethernet connection, why lose it to the network? Ruckus Wireless ICX switches deliver high-performance uplinks to small and mid-sized businesses.