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Anonymizing Proxy

What is an Anonymizing Proxy?

Anonymizing Proxies are severs that function as an anonymous relay between a user and a destination website to obfuscate web browsing activity. Some proxies also provide a primitive layer of encryption on the user side. Anonymizers are used for a multitude of reasons, both good and bad. Some anonymizers help to minimize risk for web surfers by preventing identity theft or covering up browsing history, which can also stop targeted digital marketing. In more malicious cases, anonymizing proxies are used to bypass legitimate security barriers that are meant to reduce network attack surfaces, such as content filters that block access to certain sites from work computers. Organizations can be liable when users access illegal sites using official devices. Other risks include not knowing who is operating and running anonymizing proxy servers. Some proxies may be used for gathering sensitive user data, recording browsing habits, or distributing malware.

How to Recognize This Threat: The idea of anonymizing proxies is to avoid detection and oversight, but a network with strong security monitoring both automated and by IT staff can typically recognize their usage.

How to Prevent This Threat: With a properly configured firewall plus active security services, you can stop users from circumventing your filters. Get a firewall Free with a 3-year security subscription and get it configured by our experts to ensure your security is optimized.